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Persley Den c1900, Aberdeen

Persley Den c1900, Aberdeen

Persley Den c1900, Aberdeen Ref: A90313

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Those Were The Days

The Beach And Bathing Station c1910, Aberdeen
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July early 60's you could not move on the beach for holidaymakers, all the deck chairs would be sold out and Bill & Pat Ramsay would be playing music over the speakers. The Spartan club - weight lifters would be there - Dave Webster rings a bell, Nurse Johnston would be in the first aid/ lost childrens shelter. The summer chalets would be full, changing huts busy and the life boat would be in the water. Papa Vicas ice-cream was selling like hotcakes and the beach baths would be very busy. Frank Bishop / Jake / Bill Crocket and Bill Barclay are a few that worked there. Donkey rides and the swings were very popular. You could not beat going into the sea or baths everyday. Other names that spring to mind; Tom Houghton, Gordon Hill, George Craig, Bill Crighton, Meg West, Dave & Irene Shaw and many others - where are they now?


Kingswell House 1950, Aberdeen
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I am looking for Gorden Masson. We were in the army in Hong Kong together in 1952 - 1954. Can anybody help? Brian Bellingham

Jaffrays of Kingswells

Kingswell House 1950, Aberdeen
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In 1997 I decided to trace my maternal family history through following the name of Jaffray, a name that had been carried down the family through the centuries, finally as a middle name. To my astonishment I discovered a family history that led me to the Jaffrays of Kingwells, and onto a great deal of fascinating history. I have visited Aberdeen twice since, but unfortunately I have not been able to see the Kingswells mansion, and I do not know if it, or indeed the Quaker burial ground where some of my Quaker ancestors are buried, still exist. I am delighted to see the photograph of the house that holds such a wealth of Jaffray family history, and stories of the 16th century and 17th century.

Footdee ( The Squares )

St Nicholas's Street And Queen's Corner c1899, Aberdeen
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My father-in-law was living with his aunt Elsie Jenkins at 17 North Square during the Second World War years. He was in the Navy at the time so he was not a permanent resident for that period. But as a boy he and his brothers spent a lot of time with his mother's sister (Elsie), playing and going to the Mission in the Square. He also remembers neighbours and friends at that time. Jemima Caie lived next door and the Allan and Baxter families lived the other side. My father-in-law's name is Ernie Nelson and he is 85 years of age with a great memory. His great-great-grandfather was a founder of the Mission in the Square, his name was Deddy Allan. We would be pleased to hear from anyone who might remember him or his family at that time.

The Queen

St Nicholas's Street And Queen's Corner c1899, Aberdeen
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My maternal grandmother, Barbara Morison Diack and her sister Margaret Morison Howie used to meet at "The Queen" and go for afternoon tea at least once a month.

The Quest

When my grandfather turned 16 he brought two fine horses onto a huge cruise boat and brought them to Canada to a buyer only to find out the buyer was not to be found and so he kept the two horses and sold them to another buyer and continued to stay in Canada through the rest of his life.

The Workforce

There was a large main house surrounded by four smaller houses - two on each side of the large house. My grandfather's father lived in one of the smaller houses and worked as a groundskeeper. He had a family of 3 children.

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