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Blackburn Road c1965, Accrington

Blackburn Road c1965, Accrington

Blackburn Road c1965, Accrington Ref: A19022

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Memories of Blackburn Road c1965, Accrington

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Accrington & local memories

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Grandfather's Baptism

Sacred Heart Catholic Church 1899, Accrington
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My Grandfather was Baptised here in October 1891

Accrington as I Recall

Market And Bus Station 2004, Accrington
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We moved to Accrington fom Whalley 10th December 1941. I remember it because Syd Ashmeed and his band was broadcasting that day and Ronnie Brooks was the drummer and I wanted to listen to the broadcast but as we were moving I missed it. I started work at Howard & Bulloughs in April 1941 as an apprentice mechanic in the milling room, but after a year I asked for a transfer to the tool room. George Crawshaw was the foreman. I was in Bulloughs Home Guard and did our guard duty in Fountain St. We lived in Buxton St and one Saturday night a shop window was broken on Charter St, I believe that happened for three Saturday nights, when they caught the culprit he said 'that he liked the sound of tinkling glass'. We used to go dancing on Saturday night up the Con, sometimes to Madam Buts, then when Bulloughs opened the Social Club we went there, that is where I met my wife. A friend of mine,... Read more

Mrs Kilshaw

I remember the creaky stairs and stodgy atmosphere of Central Preparatory so well, even though it's now 44 years since I last heard the sterling tones of Mrs Kilshaw resounding through the classroom.
Miss Backhouse was my personal favourite: a gentle, caring teacher who had the patience others seemed to lack.
I still live locally (Ossy) and occasionally wander round the area where the noble old building that began my experiences of the world of British education once stood. So much has changed of the Accrington I knew then and having moved back after 35 years away - in Scotland and Cheshire - it's nice to know that others have soothing and happy memories of Central Prep.

Sacred Heart Church

Sacred Heart Catholic Church 1899, Accrington
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This is Sacred Heart RC Church, in Accrington.  It has now been demolished.  I have many great memories and some not so great from this sacred place.  I felt like I had to share this info, with you when I saw this picture.  When the church was being knocked down there was a last service mass held and it was a ticket only event.  I couldn't go on that evening and therefore missed it.
The church holds many memories for all of my family.  My mum and dad were married at the church as were her seven sisters.  Every week in Sunday best marching with my Nanna picking up all of my cousins along the way, to 11 o'clock mass.  My mum and dad were married here and so was every one of my mum's seven sisters.  Myself and my cousins were all christened at this church, and we all made our 1st communions and confessions here.  My grandparents' funeral services were conducted from this church.  Anyway I was working... Read more

A Happy Accrington Childhood

My brother Anthony and I grew up in Barnes Street/Lee Street where my parents ran an off-licence from about 1953 - 1962. We both went to Miss Caulfield's Preparatory school and my brother went on to Blackburn Grammar School. We used to play in the streets and up at the coppice and the nearby park. I remember Plantation Street as one of the streets we traversed to get to school. David Benson and Peter Schofield and his sister were our neighbouring children, and we played with them. We were catholics and went to mass at the Sacred Heart every Sunday morning. I used to go horse-riding in Baxenden and roller skating in Great Harwood - those were the days! We very recently re-visted the street, and although the off-licence is closed and boarded up there were signs that people still live there although we were sadly too timid to knock on the door - loud music blaring etc. The cobbles in the back alley looked... Read more

Accrington Life

I lived in Accrington . Maden Street . Went to Holy Family School.
Often went in the Block Aid Pub. And lived with Annette Krywisneack.
Many happy memories . I also had many friends in Accrington
Keith Allen and all the biker people. I now live on a narrow boat with my husband.

Central Prep School

I was a pupil at this school until about 1960 when I went to the technical school. I have fond memories of the headmistress and her blue-rinse hair do. Whilst I was there Miss Cauldfield left and a Miss Hackwood (hope this is correct) took over. To a child's eyes it all seemed to change.

School Days

The building behind the church is where I went to school from 1955 1961. It was called Central Preparatory School and the headmistress was Miss Caulfield.

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