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Baring Road

I was born at Mayday Hospital. My parents still live in Baring Road and my mother has lived there from the age of 13, as my grandmother had the house before they did. I vividly remember playing 'up and down the road.' It is so sad children cannot do that safely any more. I also walked to school from a young age, as did my friends. It was a different world. My Dad had the first car in the street. Brownies was at St Mildred's church and my sister volunteered my mum to be the Tawny Owl while my dad somehow got roped into helping the scouts. It always seemed a close knit community. My parents originally lived with my grandmother, there were several families where parent or parents still lived in Baring Road while their children also had a house there. I always felt everyone knew what everyone else was doing! My friend Linda and I used to have picnics in Bingham Road Park and buy Parma Violets for 1 old penny or a penny Cadbury's bar from a shop under the railway bridge where there is now a tram stop. A walk to Ashburton park was a little further but there we played on the roundabout, which bigger children would swing round fast, and sometimes I would brave the big slide. There was always some lady in an overall keeping an eye on everyone. Then we would go and buy ice cream or sweets from the kiosk and wander down to the boating lake. I really must look to see if those things are still there next time I visit my parents. I went to Woodside, and then Heath Clark Grammar, while my sister went to Ashburton all the way through. We went to Shirley Methodist Sunday School and my parents were married there.

Written by Jacky Hughes. To send Jacky Hughes a private message, click here.

A memory of Addiscombe in Greater London shared on Monday, 9th April 2012.

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RE: Baring Road

I was in cubs (and the choir) at St Mildred's and was also born in Mayday. I remember the sweet shop just beyond the railway bridge (I think a record and comic store was right underneath and the sweet shop was next to it on the Croydon side) - I used to buy Jap Dessert there. It was a proper old-fashioned sweet shop of the type now making a come-back (with inferior goods). It is also the location of the last time I can recall anyone doing "penny for the guy" - around 1967 I should think. I also remember the kiosk, big slide and boating lake at Ashburton Park. I fell off my bike right under the slide (aged five) on my first trip out on it. The boating lake has long gone - and the kiosk, I think. I suspect there may still be a playground. I remember Tescos opening near the Post Office - self-service (very novel) - I don't think Mr Pattinson the grocer would have approved. I also remember coal from Halls being delivered by horse and cart.

Comment from Keith Phair on Tuesday, 11th December 2012.

RE: Baring Road

I grew up in Northampton Road in the 50's and early 60's. I went to Ashburton school from the age of 11.

I have so many memories of Addiscombe and Croydon. Keith I remember the record shop and the railway bridge, and the newsagents kiosk next to it. I remember buying my first 78 record All Shock up by Elvis there, I think it was about 6/11 in those days.

Do you also remember the little sweet shop under the railway bridge in Bingham Road, buy the station? I used to go there with my dad. My mum & I would walk through the park very often on our way back from the shops as it had an access in Northampton Road. We would stop and talk to the keepers in their little hut.

Do you remember Jackie a little nursery next door to St. Mildreds on Bingham Road.

So many happy memories. The last time I was in Addiscombe was 2003 when I visited some friends in Teevan Road. How it has all changed. The Black Horse gone, the post office of course all the lovely little shops. I remember so many of them.
Happy days.

Comment from Liz Morgan on Sunday, 17th November 2013.

RE: Baring Road

I lived in Coniston Rd with my mum, dad and sister Ann. We both went to Woodside School and then I went to Davidson Road Sec Modern but my sister later went to Ashburton. I remember the different shops in Addiscombe too, the record shop and the candy box under the bridge. I even remember the police box, it used to be outside the Blackhorse pub! School holidays were spent either in the parks or walking all the way up to Shirley Hills with a drink and sandwiches, and also getting a bus on our own or with a cousin to Purley pools! Lots of lovely memories.

Comment from Sheila Symes (nee Johnson) on Monday, 25th November 2013.


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