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Cambridge Military Hospital c1965, Aldershot
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My husband was in the RAF and Odiham was our first place as a married couple. We were unable to get a married quarter and so my husband rented a flat over a driving school in Station Road. We both learnt to drive from there. I worked at the DHSS which was at that time in 1968-1980 in the old post office building before we moved to new offices opposite the bus station. We went to RAF Odiham again in the late 70's and my young son of 4yrs was admitted to Cambridge Military Hospital. He had excellent treatment and the young soldiers on another ward made him a plane, fortunately his virus cleared up. I always thought what a lovely old building it was and when again we returned to Odiham in the 80's was upset to see that it was closing. In fact, I went for an outpatient appointment there after all the wards were closed and was amazed that parts were still accessible, down one corridor... Read more

Aldershot 1970's

Cottage Hospital 1897, Aldershot
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I was born in the Cottage Hosp in 1959. We lived in Cranmore Lane; then 13 Connought Road, then 70 Holly Road; then 11 Eddy Road. I went to Newport infant and junior schools then Heron Wood and Wavell. I would go Sat morn pictures then reanact the film up at the rec; we also had a den when they were building Mount Pleasent st. We would spend all summer scrumping and swimming at the lido paying and bunking in! Would eat at Wimpy and buy singles or albums from Rumbelows and have to go shopping with my mum in Army Navy store ..great days! There was also a bakers near Manor Park where we would buy stale buns for a few pennies (prob couldn't do that nowadays).

Pavilion Cinema in Background - Before They Put The Railings Round The Pond

Manor Park c1955, Aldershot
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This picture was taken before they put the railings round the pond. One Sunday on my way home from Sunday School at Christchurch, I was feeding the ducks and my Bible flew out of my hand. I tore the back of my leg on the barbed wire on top of the iron railings as I climbed over to get it back. The fair came to the park and there was a wonderful playground at the top and the Hero's shrine at the St Michael's end. The bowling green and tennis courts were at that end too.

Lanes Ice Cream

Victoria Road c1965, Aldershot
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Lanes has got to be the best ice cream ever. I had Asian flu followed by bronchitis in 1957/58 and my brothers would cycle up and get a thermos flask of ice cream - I honestly think I owe my survival to them (my brothers and Lanes). I have never tasted ice cream as good,

An ACC Cook

Cambridge Military Hospital 1891, Aldershot
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The winter and spring of 1958 I was an ACC cook in the hospital kitchen. On one night duty I contracted tonsillitis and was put in the ward upstairs where the ghost of 'Sister Aggie', as she was known to us, was supposed to haunt and give comfort at their bedside of those who were about to slip away. She did not appear to me as I was not about to die. I had to sample our food which was sent up from the kitchen in heated trolleys. It was not too bad when it left the kitchen, but the time it got on to the plate in bed on the ward it was pretty grim stuff that would just about finish anybody off. Someone the Victorian ghost nurse might have appeared to was a young soldier who was put in a special private ward reserved for those who had not long to live. I was detailed one morning to go and offer him the... Read more

Wrinkled Fingers And Toes

The Bathing Pool c1955, Aldershot
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From Chrismas Avenue to the bathing pool, come rain or come shine, every day of the summer was bathing pool fun time for us lads. With our towels rolled up and tucked under our arms and our costumes on to save time, a bag of sandwiches and your entrance money if you were lucky... otherwise it was over the fence. On arrival it was through the turnstile and with a quick glance at the water degree board straight in at the deep end. The pool was nature's babysitters from morning till night, seven days a week The pools in those days were full of servicemen American, Canadian and many others stationed, passing though, or just plain taking a hard earned rest from terrors of war, and I can describe them in one word, "boisterous", but glad to be alive and they showed it... A lot of them were missing their familes far away and latched on to the local children, be it in the town, or at the pool. Many a time with... Read more

Dancing Lessons

The Naafi Club c1960, Aldershot
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It was 1952 and the NAAFI Club held dancing lessons. Now, trying to learn to dance in hobnailed Army boots was impossible, but I did chat up a NAAFI girl and arranged to meet her after her work, which I did. She had, to me, an exotic name and was Finnish. When I arrived back at Baadjos Barracks the Intelligence Corps awaited me. I was taken to their HQ near Tunbridge Wells and quizzed overnight. Apparently they thought she was a Soviet spy and had been placed there to quiz solidiers about their regiments. I was so innocent then, but was angry when they refused me transport back to Aldershot. I had to phone the RSM who reluctantly sent a PU vehicle for me to return to Aldershot and my RASC unit. Being the RSM he really tore me off a strip - as RSMs do, of course. As he dismissed me with an angry warning about chatting up foreign girls, and wasting his time, he winked.... Read more

Wellington Monument

Wellington Monument 1891, Aldershot
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As a kid in the eighties, I used to mess around by the Wellington Monument, back then it was like a jungle all around it, and you couldn't really see it properly unless you were right in front of it. A group of volunteers did a brilliant job of clearing a lot of the bushes back, so now you can see it better from a distance which I think is how it should be seen. We were told as kids that a workman accidently dropped his lunch into the monument when it was being built!

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