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The Union Workhouse, Junction Road 1906, Andover

The Union Workhouse, Junction Road 1906, Andover

The Union Workhouse, Junction Road 1906, Andover Ref: 54627

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Grammar School c1950, Andover
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I moved to Andover in 1940 with my mum and sister, to live with my grandparents, my dad was all over the place in the RAF. My grandad owned a riding stable in Anton Road, towards the town. The side of the stable building had a huge painted sign 'Reddings Riding Stables' and I spent many happy hours there mucking out and polishing tack. I went to New Street Primary school, then when I was 11 went to the Senior School on London Road. I remember seeing the planes and gliders on the 6th June 1944, and also sadly seeing the Red Cross trains coming up from Southampton with all the wounded troops. I wasn't allowed on the Junction platform but my mum went and helped with sandwiches and cups of tea. That is a sight I shall never forget - all those loaded trains. Then having amazingly passed my 11+ exam, I went to Andover Grammar School, the proudest moment of my young life and my parents. It was great... Read more


Grammar School c1950, Andover
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This photo is significant to me since I attended this school in the late 1930s/early 1940s. I was a member of Hanson House and played football on the sports field to the right of the pool. I rode a bicycle to school from Weyhill. I was a volunteer student air raid warden at the school. The male students spent the night in the male teachers room, the women in the female teachers room. We were never hit! The school's air raid shelters were at the back end of the football field. We were always very orderly! I was a school Prefect. In 1944 I joined the Army and attended University College, London after the war. Peter Kent

Childhood Yrs, Enham Alamein, 1940s

Winchester Street 1904, Andover
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Hi to anyone still left that remembers my grandads bakery behind George Brights bicycle shop. he made the best doughnuts ever, my uncle ted and daisy ran the farm at the top of the hill known as 'Shanghai Homestead', We lived in the cottage on the corner of church lane and anton lane, behind what is now called the museum.
my friends wer James MaCcallum who is still living in the village. joey cooper .spud trueman .and terry geoghan.
i remember George Wittalls Garage: and the Spinny no longer there. a great childhood would not change it for the world ,
and a mention for my lovely gran xx,
would love to hear from anyone and see some photos of the time,
yours truly .
RT Cleverley

My Early Home

Anton Mill 1906, Andover
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My father was mill manager and a company director from 1937 to 1961, and we lived in the mill house. I was assistant mill manager from 1963 to 1967. My father ran the local Home Guard during the 2nd world war, and was in the auxiliary fire service. I have many happy memories of time spent there, with my brother and sister.

Mount Terrace Andover

Winchester Street 1904, Andover
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Does anyone know where this was in Andover? My grandparents lived there.

Heath History

London Street c1950, Andover
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William Hawkins Heath was my Gt Gt Grandfather and I am trying to find out more about him, his siblings and successors.

Mother's Brother And Sisters

Grammar School, Church Close 1906, Andover
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Just after the war Dad, Mum and I would travel every other weekend to visit aunts and uncles and cousins on our Norton motorbike and sidecar. We usually based our visit with Aunt Flo and Uncle Stan (a wartime despatch rider, now back with his wife), they lived at 27 Wellington Road at the top end of a steep road about 100 metres up the hill, and the amazing thing was their Golden Retriever would bark as soon as the bike turned into the road and Aunt Flo would put the kettle on, knowing we were not far away. Some holidays I spent with them and I would always have to accompany my aunt to the Weslyan Chapel in town for the Sunday morning service, and in the afternoon I would either with local lads or alone go up to the Dell, such a peaceful walk. I think my uncle's parents lived opposite. I remember a big fuss made when my aunt gave birth to Pauline Elizabeth, I was about... Read more

The Library

Bridge Street c1960, Andover
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Before Chantry Way was developed, the town library was situated in the building on the right of this picture.  The thrill of being able to indulge myself, for free, in books, books and more books still resides in me today. I swear I can still smell the distinctive aroma of the building once you stepped through its doors!

Happy Days

High Street c1960, Andover
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I was stationed in the RE's in Andover - Barton Stacey camp. Remember shopping in 'International Stores' supermarket as they had good looking girls ! I also recall being in a cafe when some of the Troggs came in. Happy days, must return for a visit some day.

Saturday Afternoon Shopping

High Street c1960, Andover
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I do remember Andover about this time. We lived in Tidworth at the time and my father had a car with petrol allowance as he was a Barrack officer. We went to Andover, mum, myself and him every Saturday afternon and had to park centrally. It had all gone when we last went - just modern car parks now. He did a truly nineteen forties thing and sat in the car whilst we shopped. What a lovely childhood I did have there.

Joan Battershill (nee Norman)

The Old Andover Grammar School

Grammar School, Church Close 1906, Andover
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This building, now a museum was in the 1940s the home of a famous old Andover gentleman Mr A C Bennett. He wrote a book about Andover St Mary's Church and played the organ in the church. He was also my piano teacher at 2 shillings a lesson(10p) and I don't think anyone tried his great patience more than I did.
I remember well as a lad of 11 years walking up to that, what seemed, huge door and banging on it and hearing him shuffling down the stairs to let me in. He must have felt the cold at his age as he always wore several layers of overcoats.
In hindsight I wish I had practiced more instead of regarding it as a chore at the time which kept me from my pals. He was a very nice man and a true Andoverian.

Winchester Street Quaker Burial Ground

Winchester Street 1904, Andover
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This picture brings back childhood memories of the 1940s. Behind the wall on the left was a Quaker burial ground, a small grassy area on which one was free to stand upon.Opposite the wall were thatched cottages which were destroyed by fire later in the same decade I believe. A friend of both me and my sister was living in one of the cottages at the time.

My Time NearAndover

High Street c1960, Andover
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WE were married in July 1966. As I was stationed at Middle Wallop, after our honeymoon in London we caught the train to Andover and stayed for 2 nights at the White Hart (is that the name? Opposite the old bus station near the canal and post office). We hired a flat on Weyhill Road and decided we must have a washing machine, so with great reluctance bought one on HP - sinful in those days) at a place opposite Squire's electrical shop near the post office.
After a while we moved to rotten old Married Quarters in Middle Wallop and had our first child, Julian there. (He was born at the War Memorial Hospital in Andover - I would go there each evening and stop for a pint at The Railway Tavern near the station.)
Most Saturdays we would do our shopping in Andover - a right fuss that was too as going back we had multiple shopping bags, a baby and a fold-up pram to take on the... Read more

Memories of my Two Years

High Street c1960, Andover
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We spent two years in Andover, two of the children went to Eastfield School and one daughter was born there. If I remember right, I had to get the baby milk from a pub. I have been back a few times and my goodness what a change has taken place, hardly could find my way around. I remember the really pretty villages, all the thatch roofs, lovely memories.

Footpath to Rooksberry Mill

We lived at Anton Mill House above Rooksberry Mill on the River Anton. My father kept cattle during the war in a field below the level crossing and I had to cycle after school to pump water for them in the field. The crossing only served the mill and came down from the Salisbury Road. Sterling Poultry owned the land behind the crossing house.

Andover Town Station

Back in the 1950's my father was the signal man crossing keeper at the Andover Town signal box. Trains running from Andover Junction would travel down line to Southampton, crossing the main road by the Odeon Cinema. We lived in a cottage at the level crossing just down the line at Rooksberry Crossing where my mother was the crossing keeper to the crossing gates serving the big house across the line which I believe was Rooksberry House. Anyone with any details or pictures of the above please contact me asap as I am putting together my life as son of a railway man and need your help


Does anyone else remember the open air swimming pool? We loved going there when we were kids. Kids today would have loved it. Such a shame they get rid of these sort of things, does anyone have any old photos of this?

Warm Days Away

I lived with my father, an officer in the Air Force, and my mother and brother in a good solid house on the Air Force base in Andover. I went to Portway Primary School by the airforce school bus and would be allowed threepence worth of sweets from the Linga Longa sweet shop around the corner from the school.
I remember my years here as very happy. We had a wonderful Headmaster who, after he had been to see the stage production of My Fair Lady, took the trouble to describe the whole experience to us during an assembly. My passion for musicals I am sure was ignited from this.
Once a week we would go on the most wonderful Nature Walks where every flower or insect we encountered were explained to us. On a recent visit to the school, after 52 years, I found the signpost to the Woodland Trail still there at the foot of the school field!
At this school I was taught Italic writing by a... Read more

My Beginning

I returned to Andover in August 2010 and was as excited as the day we left in November 1956 when my family decided we were going to Australia. 54 years is a long time and I think that my wife was surprised at how much I remembered because I was only 12 when we left. If you know "Black Swan Yard" there is a small shop there with a window and a small door, it is not being used now but when I was there I helped my dad paint it. He set up a Watch and Clock repair business there. His name was Fred and Mum's name was Florence (Flo) and together they also ran "Tony's Cafe" in 2 West Street opposite the old Rex Cinema. Next to us was the old Lovells' Dairy and further up West Street towards the Guild Hall was Tommy Wickenden's the Jewellers' shop on the corner. Sadly these shops have made way for the Super Centre that you have there today. Mr Martin Loveridge was... Read more

A Childhood Revisited

So many memories, where to start? I was born 1961 and grew up in The Crescent, just off Weyhill Road.......the rattling trains full of gravel making the house shake, the outside toilet (visits in the middle of the night in winter were at olympic record level), Mrs Mabeys apple trees...scrumping i think it was called! The smell of the pig farm if the wind was in the wrong direction on a hot summers day, building camps in Gallaghers Woods and wow betide anyone who dared venture in! The Big Bonfire at King George Road playing fields, Portway School and its fantastic playground (Health & Safety bods would be quaking in their shoes now, but OMG was so fab!).

Does anyone remember the concrete railwaymen hut that was between the pedestrian level crossing (linking The Crescent and Floral Way) & 'Gleesons Bridge'? Hot summers sunbathing on top of this strange little building!

Burbidges Bakery, fab mother would send us off to get the daily loaf... Read more

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