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Class/school Photos

Purfleet Road c1955, Aveley
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I am desperately trying to find any class/school photos for Aveley comprehensive school, leaving year of 2003 class teacher Mr How. please if anyone has anything along these lines it would be appreciated if you could contact me.

Born Toplands Avenue 1954

Purfleet Road c1955, Aveley
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Friends I grew up with between 1954/64,neighbours Colin and Angela Rood,Ian and Julie Dalrymple,Mark Hide,John Porter.School Friends Robert Groves,Lesley Cobb, Robert Suckling and Raymond Blezzard,Ann Martin,Valerie Pampling last three lived Purfleet Road, School teacher at Aveley Junior Mrs Skeet.I remember the alley between Lowlands Avenue and Blenheim Gardens where we built dens and Bonfires for fireworks night,think the builders land we played on was Finbow.I remember collecting conkers from the massive trees bottom of Purfleet Road. The photo above of the Co-op and Ordnance bring back memories I think I can nearly remember my Mums co-op number, I remember Reads the newsagent and the shop next to it where I got my first West Ham Outfit in 1959, still support them to this Day, moved to Scotland in 1964 and am still here to this day and lastly I remember the sweetie shop where we bought lucky bags and wagon wheels on way to school

Return to Aveley With Glenda

High Street c1952, Aveley
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Hello Glenda, my dear. I remember that name - Lighten. Where is Eastern Ave? Is it the road where Trevor Johnson and David Warren lived? Michael Cox there too. Remember him? Now I remember our dads - good mates - working at the Tunnel. Down in Church View at the bottom were the Eggletons - much feared. Although the eldest was a decent bloke. But Ronnie! I worked as a labourer once for Eves (also at the Tunnel) to earn some cash before going to university. Ronnie got a job there too, but just a few days later they found him dead after a car crash with some kind of stake through his head. He and Tommy Ferguson (I think it was) shot off to Grays one evening (too fast) for some fish & chips and went off the road on that long stretch from Southend Road down into town. Now it's all Chafford Hundreds or something like that. All kinds of memories are starting to come back. Also living... Read more

Living in Aveley 1948-68

High Street c1952, Aveley
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Hello. I came across this site yesterday quite by accident and was really taken away by all the memories. Here are mine - I was surprised by the names and everything else that came back to me. Forgive me if I don't spell all the names right, I think they should still be recognizable. And I hope there's enough space for everything! Dad - HERBERT (MICK) Newberry - was from a family of about 16(!) kids in S. Stifford (Moore Avenue). Mum - ELSIE Doris Marsden - was from a family in Tilbury (Feenan Highway). The Marsdens were apparently evacuated to Rugby, Warwickshire because of German bombing of Tilbury docks, while Dad served in the Navy. After WW2 Mum and Dad moved back south with me. But what I didn't find out until about 40 years later, I wasn't their child! I was the adopted son of Elsie's sister Connie through a liaison with a US airman. Anyway, we moved into one of the first new council houses in Aveley,... Read more

Mardyke School

The School c1960, Aveley
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This is Mardyke School, South Ockendon

Cherwell Grove/ Stifford Road

Stifford Road c1960, Aveley
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These houses are in Cherwell Grove, South Ockendon. The one on the right hand side of the semi with the white door and garage door was the doctor's surgery at some time during the 1960s.

Cherwell Grove/ Stifford Road

This photo actually shows Stifford Road at the South Ockendon end. The road goes over the railway bridge in the distance and up to Ford Place. The houses on the right are Cherwell Grove. I was born in 1958 at no.144, which was the third one from the far end. I grew up there and my Mum lived there until about 2002. Years gone by she was the lollipop lady for the Mardyke school. I remember lovely neighbours in the block - the Webbs, Samuals, Rickards, Trobers, and Golledges.

Aveley Secondary School

Secondary School c1960, Aveley
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Omg, I remember so many of you. I started at Love Lane in 1965 and left in 1970. I was friends with Susan Harvey, Carol Head, Jackie Kirk, Karen Harman, Barbara Cox, Lesley Davidson, Libby Campbell, June Tyler, Liz Knapp, Christine Havis, Sandra Glendenning; Janet Hobb, Deborah Daly (these are the few names I can remember). I can remember having two fights on the green outside the school with Susan Harvey and another time with Kevin MaGregor. Then another fight was on the way home to the Kennington Estate with Stephen Wood. You will be glad to know that I have since calmed down and have had a career in the Legal world so couldn't really carry on with 'the bundles'. I also remember Micky North who we were all in love with! Do you all remember the 'catwalk' over the school hall! God help anyone that crossed it whilst a class was in progress! I remember both the Merediths, Miss Close (Library/English) Miss Norman - Sports (we all hated... Read more

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