Bala, High Street 1935

Bala, High Street 1935

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Memories of Bala

Ty Newydd.

Good to see that you have the view from the bridge, my aunt and uncle lived in the house on the left, which is called Ty Newydd. Many happy memories of tea time visits and playing and fishing in the river with the cousins. I helped my ...Read full memory

A memory of Bala by Bob Hughes

The Bridge At Llanuwchllyn

I know this view very well, as my aunt and uncle lived in Ty Newydd, their garden led down to the river on the right hand side of the photo. Spent many an hours playing in the river and fishing with my cousins, never caught anything!

A memory of Bala by Bob Hughes

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Here the street is seemingly deserted in the sunlight, save for a few parked cars; one is waiting outside the Plas Coch Hotel. In the 18th century Bala was a centre for the great religious revival that led to Welsh nonconformism. The town was once known for the manufacture of knitted woollen stockings and gloves, and it is said that George III wore stockings knitted here; much of the knitting was done in the open air.

This is an excerpt from North Wales Photographic Memories, by Helen Livingston

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