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Barlborough Hall

I was a pupil at Barlborough Hall School from Jan 1955 to July 1959. I then went to the senior school, Mount St Mary's, just a couple of miles away, until July 1965. Just above the main entrance is a small rectangular hole. Just behind this is a secret room called a priests hidey hole where a person could hide. The Rhodes family were secretly Catholics and had a live-in Jesuit priest. If Jesuit priests were captured they were executed such as Edmund Campion, as well as Wright and Pole. From this hole you have an excellent view of the main drive to get sufficient warning of trops approaching. This gave time for the priest to enter the very small room. The entrance was covered by a flagstone and on top of this a large chest. There was no evidence of a priest ever being discovered there, otherwise the Rhodes family would probably have been dispossessed.

Written by John Skilton. To send John Skilton a private message, click here.

A memory of Barlborough in Derbyshire shared on Wednesday, 30th September 2009.

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