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North Yorkshire memories

River Traffic And Ice Flows

Bridge 1901, Selby
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As a child and adult, I remember the bridge and how long it was closed for boats coming up to the BOCM and Ranks flour mill. It had to opened in sync with the railway bridge and the trains. I remember the barges with big red sails towing more barges, and the year of a severe freeze when the river froze solid and looked like the Baltic with huge ice floes; people thought it might destroy the bridge supports. We had Tugs then I think, the "Cawood" was one going up and down to break the ice and keep the river docks open. One year we had the submarine, HMS Sturgeon, which the town raised money for during the Second World War, taking on locals for a tour, it was tied up at the jetty outside the Lord Nelson.

Used to Live Here

Swan Inn c1960, Selby
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My mum and dad ran this pub before we moved to Canada.  I have lots of great memories.

Burials at St Mary's

St Mary's Catholic Church c1960, Selby
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My maternal grandmother was born in Selby. Annie McMenamin ( McManum or various spellings depending on who wrote the name down !) She lived in Hutchinsons Yard, Selby with her mother Catherine, father Michael, sisters Mary, Winifred, Ellen and brother John in the 1881 census.
I remember as a five year old (1953) visiting my great aunts Mary and Ellen in Selby. They had hens in the back yard of the house and my sister and I always got a fresh boiled egg for tea. Great aunt Mary died in her 90s I believe and is buried in St Marys as is great aunt Ellen. Perhaps my great grandfather Michael and great grandma Catherine are also buried there. I have no idea.
Family stories tell of how great aunt Mary and Ellen were spinsters and they used to hide when the rent man came to call.

Shopping in Selby

High Street c1960, Selby
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The two girls in the lower left corner of this photograph are myself and my sister Elizabeth. We were probably out shopping with my mum, who is not visible on the photograph. I originally saw this photo in the Frith collection "Selby -a photographic history of your town" (W.H.Smiths) which I bought on one of my visits home. I went to the Council School on Flaxley Road and Selby Girls High School. I would like to see any other photos of Selby not in this collection, if anyone knows of any. I would particularly like to see one of the old Clock Cafe which was in the centre of Gowthorpe. I remember walking round the Abbey after we had been swimming at the baths, the Queen visiting to distribute Maundy money, Brownies and Girl Guides in the Hawden Institute, going to the 'pictures' at the Ritz on Scott Road on Saturday, ballet dancing classes with Vanda Dykes, going on picnics down Peppermint Lane (off Flaxley Road), cycling over  the canal... Read more


Flaxley Road, The Post Office c1965, Selby
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I lived in Kitchener Street as a child which is just around the corner of Flaxley Road to the left of the picture. There was a bakery next door for a while. I have great memories of the shops along Flaxley Road, such as the butchers which two old women seemed to run, the big grocery shop with its great smells, the women's fashion shop run by Mrs Whitely and the sweet shop. Mum used to clean for many of the shopkeepers and I remember  being very impressed by Mrs Whitley's flocked swan wallpaper. Dad used to have allotments in Flaxley Road and had pigs so he used to get left-overs from the bakery. The sweet shop was fantastic with yummies such as lucky bags, pineapple lumps, acid drops, traffic light lollies, palma violets and that strange stuff like wood which you chewed on.


The Primary School c1968, Selby
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I went to Flaxley Road Primary School until 1969. There was a single classroom to the front of the school run by Miss Reid, my grandmother's friend, I was scared stiff of her.

The Swan

Swan Inn c1960, Selby
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My Grandfather Joseph Wall owned this pub in the 40s I think. Him and his wife Elsie, and my dad James, eventually moved to Ebor Street.

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