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Isle of Lewis memories

School Photos

Does anyone have Class photos of Bragar from the above era? I would love to see or get copies. Many thanks

School Days Are The Best

I was born in 1952, and went to Bragar School. The headmaster was Mr McIver and teachers I remember were Mrs MacDonald (Carloway) and Mrs Mitchell (Shawbost). I used to cross the road to the shop up the hill, and also the one further down the road. I don't come back often enough, and when I do, I wish I had never left. The days of the Fillums (movies) with the Highland and Islands Film Guild were great, held in the school in the evenings, mostly Laurel and Hardy and a War Film, but the walk home in the dark was sometimes more scarey - unless you were the lucky owner of a slim silver pocket torch with a lens like a bulls eye, which we also tortured ourselves with in summer trying to burn our skin (I know, I don't understand it either). Laxays shop was great, with the paraffin, the sliced bacon, rope, Camp Coffee, and he hated threepenny bits, they always got stuck in the nooks and... Read more

Mrs Mitchell, Teacher

I just read the memories of South Shawbost and mention of Mrs Mitchell, teacher, has encouraged me to write.

Mrs Mitchell was Aunty Jean to me and my siblings: she was the sister of my mother Dolina Mitchell. Dolina had left Lewis for Yorkshire as part of the war effort and never returned except for holidays: we were taken along too.

I never saw Jean in action as a teacher and I once said to my mother, I wish Aunty Jean could be my teacher and she replied, you'd have to work very hard with her, she's very strict.

We only visited Shawbost from time to time so I cannot say that I knew Jean very well but one memory is of watching her knitting. I have never seen anyone knit so fast: phenomenally fast; and I thought my mother was quick!

I visited Lewis with other members of my family in 2007 for the first time in over 30 years and we visited the grave... Read more

Happy Daze, Happy Holidaze

My memories take me back to South Bragar as a young boy of 9. My father, Angus Murray, born in No.30 moved to Glasgow many years before. But then and till this day I still go back with my family and tell them probably to often about my holidays as a child. How hot it was, how innocent we all were, we, as in my sister Maureen and cousins Effie, Nan and Callum No 36. We were hardly ever indoors not like the generation now. We built dens out of old fish boxes and corrigated iron - this was a castle to us. Helped on the croft, picking potaties, at the fanks, bringing home the peats, filling "Bobbans" doing the hay, waiting on the van to get " goodies ", running errons to Peggy Laxay and if we were good we were allowed to buy "Cramola Foam". The house was a hive of activity always someone popping in to visit, or a car parked outside. And some of the characters,... Read more

Look For Mrs Mitchell, Teacher!

I responded to a memory in another album, South Bragar: they mention Mrs Mitchell the teacher there. Mrs Mitchell was my Aunty Jean so please go along to that Album to see my own mini memories of having relatives in South Shawbost and visiting there from time to time, the last time being in 2007.


Family Tree

I am doing my family tree and my grandmother was born in Lewis Castle, Grooms House, Castle Stables, my great-grandparents were called George Steven and Josephine Clarke. I am trying to find out any info or even find a pic of the Grooms House, any help would be fab as I'm stuck.

Holidays at Steinish

My lovely memories of holidaying at Steinish and doing baking with my Great-aunt Isabella. The house was a lovely old house near the beach and close to the aerodrome. My great-aunts were named Macarther and I would be grateful for any information if anyone knew them. Some of my fondest memories are when I was with my great-aunty. Thanks, Morag.

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