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Battersea Born And Bred

A Memory of Battersea

I was born in the flats at Stewarts Lane by the dogs' home in 1950. My mum was born in Tidemore Street and my grandad in Curry Street, Nine Elms in 1897. My dad was born in Livingstone Road, the other end of Battersea, and also lived in Maysoule Road. My mum and dad met whilst queing outside the Granada in 1945. Although I wasn't a 'Grenadier' at this one, I went every Saturday morning to the Granada at Wandsworth Rroad. As a teenager the junction Granada was my local, my friend who lived in Usk Road and I probably saw every film they showed between 1965 and 1970. Does anyone remember the miserable old chap who was the usher who used to shine his torch straight into people's faces? He threw us out one time because some boys behind were throwing bits of paper at us and we all got our marching orders, oh what memories.

A memory shared by Marilyn Biddle , on May 5th, 2010.

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Sun Mar 15th 2015, at 8:46 am

glenn.unstead commented:

Hello I've just read your thread. My Nan who was from Gibralter lived in the buildings by Battersea Bridge. Between 1950 and 1958 As a small boy born in 48 I recall their dingy appearance but hold fond memories of watching the cranes remove waste paper from the Barges and place them into the wharehouse. Or it could have been the complete reverse. I recall a small grocery shop under the apartments or nearby it had the most wonderful smells. We are visiting the Chelsea flower show and staying at the Raphael Hotel in Battersea and noticed on the Satellite images the building has now been demolished. Does anyone know when it was knocked down please. Any photos? Thanks Glenn

Sat Jul 9th 2016, at 4:36 pm

brianphipps10 commented:

My whole family came from battersea, my nan lived in everett st. Worked at Meux's brewery in nine elms in the 50s Iwas born in 1946 lived in Brynmear rd till I was 3 then moved to Tweed st.&lived next door to my mums parents ellen &charlie Ashman also my aunty Flo, who lived in Ceylon st.the people I remember are brenda may, the Sharmans in Tweed st Pattie Knotley the Toomey family Linda Vincent in Cherwell st in the prefabs as did I with my parents Connie &Ted Dean my mum was previously an Ashman my uncles were Charlie, George, Alfie my aunts were Maisie &Flo, my brothers are Ted & Gary Dean , just remembered my brothers mates were Patsy Sharman , Charlie Taylor this was in the 50s we all went to sleaford st. School .My aunty Flo worked in Farmiloes Paints we used to go to their fabulous christmas parties in a large hall in Clapham, we spent most of our childhood in Battersea Park in the days when kids could play in the street all day in holidays all the mums watched out for us, the girls would have a great big rope across the road for skipping , the boys would make go carts out of old pram wheels &wood not so many cars about then except the lorries that collected the bones etc.from the butchers daily and delivered them to the fat yard which we lived next door to oh! The smell all year but worse in summer.We would get our shopping at Morris's the dairy in Thessaly rd, Condons the greengrocers, at the top of Ceylon st.&Moss's the sweet shop which sold just about everything.My mum would sometimes take me to Walter's clothing shop in Falcon rd later on as teenager I wanted a rock n roll skirt with a. Poodle on it we tried everywhere in Clapham Junction but I never got one!Iwas a Grenadier at the Granada wandsworth rd.when it was your birthday you got 2 free tickets, iloved the saturday morning pics &would go to the pics every friday with my mum&dad mostly the musicals, whenever I here singing in the rain im back in the Granada as a kid.In 1956 we moved from the prefab which was the height of luxury with electricity a bathroom

Sat Jul 9th 2016, at 5:00 pm

brianphipps10 commented:

My name was Margaret Dean lived in Tweed st. With my family in the prefabs next door to Alice& Ernie Skelton and son Tony, we lived in no.15 my nan &grandad were Nellie & Charlie Ashman at 32 Ceylon st. My grandads nickname was Sandy .My brothers are Ted &Gary Dean we lived there in the 40s& 50s my other nan lived in everett st. In Nine Elms then Heath rd off Queenstown rd I can remember my mum taking me to watch the Queen &Prince Philip being driven down past Battersea Park in Queenstown rd in coronation year the crowds &excitement was unbelievable, but even though I was only 7 I can remember thinking how Healthy they looked compared to all the people I knew who were still coping with after effects of the war! Still they were very happy days&once a Battersea girl always a Battersea girl.All good wishes to all Batterseait's.

Sun Jul 10th 2016, at 12:06 am

Marilyn Biddle commented:

I also remember seeing the Queen in Queenstown Rd, I was only 3 but I remember the crowds, we were standing by the bus stop where you would get off for the park. My mum, Nan, sister, aunts and cousins were all there, all born Battersea. All I can just remember of the Coronation street party is a very long table that never seemed to end, I think there were at least 3 and I was sat at the one at the back that run the length of the concrete railway wall in Stewarts Lane, a wall that my mum had seen me from the top balcony of the flats climb over many a time when I was a bit older and i'd get a right telling off and told I had to stay with my older sister and her friends until tea time. One time I was even made to walk up to Wandsworth Rd with my sister to the Pie n Mash shop as punishment, I often think now it must have been cold by the time we walked back to Stewarts Lane especially as I would have been in a real strop as I had been stopped playing with my friends and in no hurry to get home and getting another telling off from mum. Happy, happy days !!!!

Sat Oct 8th 2016, at 12:17 pm

thomas.woolcott17 commented:

Hi my names Tom Woolcot i lived at 39 Everett st next door to the Buxton's on one side and the Bicknells on the other Anthy and Robert Bicknell were friends there, dad Wally worked at Farmiloes as a driver i remember him coming home one day and telling everyone that he'd just driven up the newly opened M1.My mum Mary worked in Meux's brewery as did my brothers Jim and John Jim fell from scaffolding in 1959 and died my mum died six months later of cancer.I went to John Milton school where my friends were John Lewis and David Savory,on leaving school did various jobs until Barry McDonnell got me a job at Carlsberg's If anyone remembers me i hope i don't owe you money

Tue May 2nd 2017, at 4:59 pm

wrinkliebabe commented:

Hello Marilyn, I lived in Livingston Road too, my name is Brenda and my surname then was McLeod and my dad was a bookie down the street. We lived at 107 what number did you live at. Got lots of memories I could share

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