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Memories of Norfolk

Wonderful Times

Children's Yachting Lake c1960, Gorleston
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"Hold his hand and, don't let him fall in", were my dear old mum's famous last words. As an 8 year old when this photo was taken, keeping an eye on an accident prone 6 year old brother was no easy task. Off we went on the old steam train all the way from London to stay with our grandfather in Pier Plain, and I remember little brother Billy literally running down the road with his brand new yacht under his arm. It was amazing how, year after year, he hit the water before the yacht did. No wonder he became such a good swimmer with the amount of times he went in either there or, outside the lifeboat station. Mum hass gone now, Grandad has gone as well but me and 'Billy the kid' are still fighting old age. It doesn't matter how long ago it was, those wonderful sunny summer days remain in my memory as clear as ever. We're still best mates and always will be but, every time... Read more

Fishing in The Harbour

The Quay c1955, Gorleston
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We use to fish in the Quay by going down to the water by the little jetty shown in the picture. I fished with a small wined up fishing line.
Must have been about 9/10m years old.
The only fish I court I couldn't take of the hook because it wriggled to much, never fished since!!

The Night The Roof Came Down

The Quay c1955, Gorleston
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When I went to work in Great Yarmouth all those years ago I managed to find a 'home-from-home 'at 5 Pavilion Road at Gorleston. At number 4 lived Doris Little and her family. One night while just about to climb into bed the chimney breast fell in - missing me by a cat's whisker! There was large hole in the ceiling and a pile of bricks and plaster on the floor. Until the thing was repaired I spent the next two weeks sleeping downstairs on a 'fold-away' camp bed. I remember Lulu, the pet poodle, keeping me awake biting her nails and ToTo the cat scratching at the window, trying to get in! When I eventually returned to my bedroom I had a brand new ceiling and coving. Little things - but wonderful memories.
Stephen Smith,

Constitutional Holiday Camp

The Holiday Camp c1955, Hopton
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As a young lad we visited the Constitutional Holiday Camp for a number of years, as far as I can remember I went with my parents from about 1949 to 1955. At that time my parents were living in East London which even by then was still suffering from the results of the wartime bombing, and to visit Hopton was of course a breath of fresh air (in more ways than one). I can always remember the chalets which were brick built and rendered and after the sun had been on them all day were extremely hot at night. There was always lots to do for the children, with numerious competitions and sports and I can remember spending many hours on the small boating lake, sailing a small model yacht, having races with some of the other children. The food was always very good,and of the time was a very good place to have a holiday and all too soon was time to return home again.

I do have... Read more

Constitutional Holiday Camp

The Holiday Camp c1955, Hopton
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Was this camp called the 'Constitutional Holiday Camp'? If so I remember being sent there for a week's holiday by the British Legion Orphans Committee - it felt like I was going to the other end of the world from Cambridge. I had a great time even though I was very homesick for a few days. I remember having to queue up in the mornings with a very large enamelled jug to get hot water from a stand pipe tap! and the food ...  well, the less said about that the better eh!

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