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Bedford....Happy Childhood Memories.

A Memory of Bedford

I am now in the process of establishing Samuel and Florence DAYS, then address with the Records Office at Bedfordshire County Council. Apparently Sandy Lane and Cardington Lane were mentioned many years ago as well as the 'Sandy' area. Was there ever ?......a small isolation Hospital (wooden Barrack Type Huts) in and or in the vicinity of Sandy Lane or Sandy. I believe however that the ' Day Family' then residence was in a long gone Isolation Hospital Clearly Marked on a 194O Map, namely situated north of the now A603 Cardingdon Road, Bedford but seen to be , South of the 'New-Cut', 'about south-east' of Barkers Lane, fairly near the then main Railway Line (Bedford to Cambridge) which appears to fit in with my elderly mothers memory on holiday visits to the 'Days residence'. My mother remembers Milk Churns standing near a Railway 'Crossing Pick-up point?', less than ten minutes walk from the Isolation Hospital as described earlier to the 'Milk Churn' Pick Up point'. Recurring Clues as to the location of the Isolation Hospital is it was not too far from a Cricket Club and about 1O minutes walk or so to extended family members who lived in Goldington Road. The Newnham Pool was also mentined as not being 'too far away' on foot.

A memory shared by David Armstrong , on Sep 12th, 2011.

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Sun Nov 29th 2015, at 8:22 pm

David Armstrong commented:

Probalby St. Johns Railway Station, Bedford (apprently near Barkers Lane, Bedford ?).

Sun May 15th 2016, at 12:57 pm

David Armstrong commented:

Have now ascertained that my Grandmother and I would have alighted from the train at the** St. Johns (Bedford) railway station and then travelled via a family- lorry *south of Goldington Village. I remember the *white railway crossing gates, (Barkers lane railway Crossing) the smallish (a few separate corrugated and part wood buildings) and have discovered that the originally the isolation hospital (situated then in the Newnham Avenue and/or St. Helena Road, area) was named the *Borough Isolation Hospital**, for infectious diseases and stood most likely in or off a *small-holding (or nearby allotment area), east of Mile Road, Bedford. and the **same original part of the hospital building renamed 3, Newnham Cottages. The isolation hospital was converted into Bungalows sometime in (or just after) 1947. Samuel Lewis Day was recorded as living at 3, Newnham Cottages, (original known postal address, Newnham Hospital which was on the exact same site as the later renamed Newnham Cottages) in Kellys Bedford Directory in 1952. The Bungalows have now apparently also long gone and would have stood in Newnham Avenue, maybe in the near vicinity of the then **Kelvin Grove (now known as Kelvin *Avenue and fairly close to the *Bull Hotel). and perhaps towards the Windsor Road present day industrial estate area ?. Could the isolation hospital it have been in fairly short walking distance (or not) of Priory Park (and or off Barkers Lane) area also ?.. Apparently the Bedford Hitchin Line could be fairly easily seen from the Hospital area. The Isolation Hospital is marked and recorded as Isolation Hospital . *****Here in St. Helena*s Road**,on also a * 1924 * South Bedford area ordnance survey Map and records that then a Miss I.T. McGrouther, the Hospital Matron resided (and worked there). Various nearby street names have come up with regard to my Hospital research and I know it is not rocket science but obviously I have *whittled then down to (Mile Road) Newnham Hospital later Newnham Cottages, Kelvin Avenue and Windsor road area but ** St Helena Road* could well have been the nearest to the long gone Newnham Hospital..

Sun May 15th 2016, at 6:46 pm

David Armstrong commented:

Phew........all but solved. A long journey however the Isolation Hospital once stood in vicinity of the past, No 3, Newnham Cottages, Newnham, (the apparent area was not far from St. Helena Road and not too far from the present day BULL HOTEL (Bedford) and almost certain to have been set back a little off any main road, in a smallish field, smallholding where at some distance the railway line (Bedford to Hitchin) could still be seen...

Tue May 17th 2016, at 10:03 am

David Armstrong commented:

Only two extremely brief apparent **very rare references making any mention of Bedford (** Volumne 81, Page 47 Borough) Isolation Hospital found namely..................... (1) A February 1933 Bedford Council Record, records a *** Miss McGrouther (later described as then **Matron, in **1924 ordanance survey Bedford, **people street reference also map**. Miss McGrouther and staff donated the sum of ten shillings towards the Nightingale Hospital Trust. It is apparent that a Miss I.T. McGrouther worked as a nurse in the (Borough Bedford) isolation Hospital from at least nine years from 1924 to 1933. (2) The S. Leonards, (Victoria Road) Bedford Parish Magazine of February 1940 (Price two pence). describes the **boundaries of**, St Leonards Parish, as.... .(a) The Hitchin (L. M. S Railway) from the *Ouse to the *** ****Isolation Hospital and then namely **The Borough Boundary from the ****isolation hospital to the river via * Mile Road ..........(b) past Robertsons works................

Fri May 27th 2016, at 2:54 pm

David Armstrong commented:

**Verified the **Bedford (Borough) infectious diseases' hospital once stood fairly near the Bull Hotel, (Bedford) no more than 10 to 15 Minutes walk (maximum) in the general vicinity of St Helena Road or Kelvin Grove. in a small field (small holding)..

Sun Nov 20th 2016, at 4:38 pm

David Armstrong commented:

**Precise location of Hospital now given by Harriet Richardson, Isolation Hospitals investigator. The Bedford Borough Hospital that I based my **Happy Childhood memories**, on once **stood just off the **south side of a street called ***Vulcan Street, Newham, Bedford (until the late 195Os), and a **cannister factory was built during the 196Os nearby and** new houses* were built were the isolation hospital once stood..*** ,Please now refer to Historical England Archives, Keeble Drive, Swindon. Quoting |References*** BF100280 **and** BF100281, the latter reference for the isolation Hospital subject to my childhood holiday for further information, if required. **Phew**what a quest, mission accomplished.

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