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The Picturedrome 1921, Bedford

The Picturedrome 1921, Bedford

The Picturedrome 1921, Bedford Ref: 70435x

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Memories of The Picturedrome 1921, Bedford

I Was A Projectionist at The Picturedrome

The Picturedrome 1921, Bedford
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I worked there for a few years with Stan Hunt at the Picturedrome, and the Plaza which was nearly opposite across the river was owned by a man called Mr Cheetam. I also worked at the Plaza as a relief projectionist and also another cinema in Ampthill owned by Mr Cheetam.
They were great days and I now live in Leicester but now see that all four cinemas in Bedford are gone, what is left? I thought the Picturedrome and the great cinema The Granada were listed buildings so who had them demolished should be shot. These cinemas have brought great memories to a lot of people and been destroyed by Bedford Council.   
Don't you think the Granada would have been great for live shows. What a big waste but thinking about it all, councils like wasting money and never mind listed buildings, demolish them.
I still like to visit Bedford allthough many changes have happened and I have reunited wth Stan Hunt's son Lesley who now works at... Read more

The Granada Cinema

The Picturedrome 1921, Bedford
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I worked at the Granada cinema from the age of 15 and it was the best time I had, the building was unbelievable with many secret or forgotten doorways... Does anyone have any photos before it was demolished? I can't understand why it was allowed to happen. I visit Bedford occasionally and I still can't believe the building has gone, such a shame. I have the best memories of working there. The new complex just doesn't compare, it's awful. I remember working with Les and Andy the projectionists, and Charlie Fields and Noreen Chand who were the managers... If anyone knows where to get in touch with them or has any photos of the cinema I would be grateful..

Bedford & local memories

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The Embankment 1921, Bedford
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I was a summer season driver of these boats during my college holidays in the early 1960s. We operated four boats, Silver Foam, Silver Stream, Silver Crest and my own boat, Silver Dawn, which I believe came from the Norfolk Broads.
The mornings were spent at Fenlake cleaning and polishing to the high standards demanded by Mr Smith (`The Guvnor`). We then came up through Bedford Lock for an afternoon of trips. We mostly ran to Newnham Bridge, but occasionally ventured to Queens Park, although the river was shallow here and I once hit a submerged log by the Britannia Ironworks. Some evenings we ran private hire work and I twice drove the regatta boat (mainly supplying crates of beer to the umpires!). My fellow driver, Stan, nicknamed me 'Dexterous Ted' after the well-known cricketer, Ted Dexter, either as a compliment or a joke.

Working Memories.

The Embankment 1921, Bedford
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I was the main weekday driver of the launch photographed during the student holiday periods of 1955-1958.  When I drove it, the name was 'Silver Stream'.  It was the largest of a set of three electric launches which carried paying passengers for trips of about 40 minutes duration from the steps on the downstream, north side of the town bridge.  Typically this launch would carry about 40 passengers maximum.  Silver Stream was a magnificent launch to drive, giving a silent drive, almost no water disturbance up to the 6 knots maximum for the river, and had a tubular rudder form which surrounded the propeller.  This permitted a very tight turning such that most of us could turn round in places where the river was reduced in width to one and a half times the launches length.  The two sister launches were smaller.  Silver Spray was a shorter less sleek version of Silver Stream and had a single section canopy (possibly in the background of this photo coming downstream).  It would... Read more

Old Bedford Etc

Newnham Outdoor Pool c1960, Bedford
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Born and bred in Bedford (1945) so many fond memories... The Granada cinema...I played at that venue many times with my band back in the 60's... I was born & lived in Cardington Road at the time and the fields and river were our main "playground" and seat of learning. Newnham swimming pool was our main (leisure) activity where many of us learnt to swim as a school activity, besides learning in the nearby river...!

Where I Was Born

High Street From Town Bridge 1921, Bedford
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Just want to collect a few pictures of where I was born. Don't have any memories of Bedford as my parents moved to Wellingborough in 1962 when I was one year old!

Boat Trip on The River

View From Town Bridge c1955, Bedford
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When this picture was taken my mum and dad used to live here.

Early Years

Embankment Gardens c1955, Bedford
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My parents had just moved to England from Italy. I wonder if they met here...

The Bridge!

The Great Ouse And Suspension Bridge c1955, Bedford
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So long ago! I remember looking at it when passing by car on our way to seeing friends in Bedford.

Old Bedford Ben

The Embankment 1921, Bedford
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I suppose, years ago, there was a Bedford market without old Ben. Can’t have been much of a market though. Anyway, as long as I, or everybody else I've asked can remember, old Ben has been down the market on Saturdays. Maybe he worked on the stalls as a young chap, but for the last twenty or thirty years he's been down the market just being old Ben. His favourite stalls are the fruit and veg. You might catch him trimming a cauli on John Hardy's “Selected Early Season Fruits and Vegetables” stall. When not, he'll sit up front advising the customers.
“How are Edwards Ben?”
“Not up to much, Whites are best today.”
“I was looking for some Spring Greens Ben.”
“Doubt you'll find any, they've bolted, they're not worth the picking.”
Some days there's a touch of sun down the river end and he'll move his pitch to get a bit of it.
“Getting a tan, Ben?”
“You don't see much sun these days, may... Read more

Bedford....Happy Childhood Memories.

Newnham Outdoor Pool c1960, Bedford
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I am now in the process of establishing Samuel and Florence DAYS, then address with the Records Office at Bedfordshire County Council. Apparently Sandy Lane and Cardington Lane were mentioned many years ago as well as the 'Sandy' area. Was there ever ?......a small isolation Hospital (wooden Barrack Type Huts) in and or in the vicinity of Sandy Lane or Sandy. I believe however that the ' Day Family' then residence was in a long gone Isolation Hospital Clearly Marked on a 194O Map, namely situated north of the now A603 Cardingdon Road, Bedford but seen to be , South of the 'New-Cut', 'about south-east' of Barkers Lane, fairly near the then main Railway Line (Bedford to Cambridge) which appears to fit in with my elderly mothers memory on holiday visits to the 'Days residence'. My mother remembers Milk Churns standing near a Railway 'Crossing Pick-up point?', less... Read more


Newnham Outdoor Pool c1960, Bedford
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HAPPY CHILDHOOD MEMORIES. In the summer of 1952 (I was 7 years old) my grandmother took me on a 'Farm Holiday' in Bedford to stay with friends. At this time I lived as a child in 'industrial Newcastle upon Tyne'. We alighted from a steam train at a small station in Bedford, I think it had crossing gates, where I met 'Uncle Sam'. He arrived in a red coloured lorry with 'pig bins' on the back (he used to visit various farms in the area to pick up and drop off pig bins) and I eagerly climbed into the cab with my grandmother. Uncle Sam and family lived in a cottage-type annex of an old diptheria hospital. The hospital was composed of a small number of separate 'Army looking' wooden buildings looking onto open fields and farmland. I remember cornfields in particular. Uncle Sam was a part-time caretaker at this hospital, it was then disused with metal bunk beds inside. There were apple and plum trees at the... Read more

Where is She Now?

When I spent a couple of years training as an RNMS at Bromham Hospital, I used to live in Nurses Quarters at 1 Albany Road, Embankment, Bedford. I celebrated my 21st Birthday whilst there & my parents brought my brother & sister-in-law down & we had a meal at The County Hotel. My parents allowed me to invite my girlfriend at that time to the meal. Her name was Lynn Mathers who lived in Rothsay Gardens & had a sister called Sandra. In August 1970, Lynns parents kindly invited me to go stay with them at her grandmother's on the Isle of Wight at a place called Nettlestone. It was during this stay that I was fortunate to attend the now legendary Isle of Wight Festival. The last I heard was that the family left Bedford to move to somewhere in Herefordshire. It would be great to get back in touch with her again.

Bedford Plating

My mother worked for Bedford Plating in Bedford in 1955. If anyone remembers this business and what street or even the address of it, would be greatly appreciated. The purpose for this, is my God-parents lived very near Bedford Plating and owned a small retail store on the corner of one of the streets. Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou in advance.

Born in Bedford.

I don't actually remember this event, but according to my birth certificate I was born in No. 3 Kimbolton Road, Bedford in February 1940. I can only presume that my mother was expecting me but was evacuated to Bedford from London. Her address is on my birth certificate as 11 Highfield Crscent, Ridgmont, Bedford. Does anyone know whether the Kimbolton Road address was a hospital at the time? It may be possible that someone remembers my mother - Susannah Geen. I can be contacted at:

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