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Beggarwood photos

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Memories of Beggarwood

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Hampshire memories

Happy Childhood Memories

I accessed this print because it is a picture of my 'Aunt and Uncle's' shop which we stayed in on many happy occasions. My mother was cousin to Mrs Cooper but, as is often the case with village people, they were very close and spent time together rather like sisters; so we were and are treated as close family members. The shop for us was a special place as it was surrounded by a very large garden with a summer house on a turning base and many outhouses so there was plenty of scope for imagination in play! My sister was born in 1955 so that date is significant for us and we still regularly visit the village - it is like our second home. One of the contributers to this site mentions Upper farm which is another significant place for us as our great grandfather, Mr Dibben, was a tennant farmer there and we do have some pictures on the farm which we may be able to pass on... Read more

Memories From my Father (Rod Dean)

This is what Dad had to say when I emailed him this site and the photos from 1955. Dad lived in Oakley from childhood until 1987, when as a family we moved to Adelaide Australia. I myself lived in the village from birth in 1970 to 1987.He refers to Upper Farm, as this was where he lived. Now the site is covered by Upper Farm Rd, Yew Tree Close etc. I also lived in Yew Tree Close as a kid. Unfortunately we have no photos of the farm, but would love to have some.

"In 1955 I used to walk down Hill Rd each morning (to school) past those cottages then past the village pond then on past Cooper & Field ( once a week I was allowed to call into Cooper & Field to spend threepence, I used to get four fruit salads, four blackjacks and a large gobstopper or now and again for a change I would get threepence worth of broken biscuits)  and then on... Read more


My father and his brother used to visit East Oakley as children, in the 1930s. They stayed in (we think) Railway Cottages, the family was William Catch and his wife Rose (who is my great grandmother). If anyone has any information it would be lovely to hear from you. William Catch worked on the railway as a plate layer. They later moved to Southsea. Any information would be really helpful.

Ancient Burial Mounds

I can remember ancient burial mounds at Battledown (along Pack Lane, towards Kempshott) and on some of the farms surrounding Oakley.

Does anybody know their age?

Farleigh Dene. Cliddesden

My father, Syd Cheale, was an evangelist with the European Christian Mission and we cared for many children and teenagers at Farleigh Dene in Cliddesden, Basingstoke. Dad and Mum told them about the Bible and Christianity. My parents prayed for many years for a revival in the Churches and a Charismatic Revival began in our very home there in Cliddesden in the 1960s. It was the start of the Charismatic revivals that spread across the world and the Community Churches are still flourishing in Basingstoke. Barney Coombs from London joined my parents in Cliddesden and became the chief leader and Church planter of the revivals.

Fairfields School

Board School, Council Road 1898, Basingstoke
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Is this caption right? 42064 seems right - this is the Board School established under Act of Parliament.
I believe that John Arlott went there, and Ruth Ellis. My children went there, both as Infants (nearest building) and Juniors (up to age 11) between 1973 and 1981. This was the last of the "old schools" in the town, where children were expected to learn, not play. It seems to have served the children well, judging by exam results in later life. This changed when the Headmaster Mr Thomas retired.

Farfields School

Board School, Council Road 1898, Basingstoke
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I suspect either caption "Basingstoke Boarding School" or "Fairfields School" is correct, depending on your time period. I attended this school in the 1960s & 70s when it was aan ordinary (non-boarding) Infants & Junior school called Fairfields, and yes I remember Mr. Thomas, the headmaster, as an authority to be feared.

But the building was much older than that, and I remember seeing a keystone with "1898" written on it. Quite likely it was a boarding school in its early days.

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