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Bekesbourne memories
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The Vicarage, Bekesbourne

Does anybody remember going to Sunday School at the Old Vicarage, Bekesbourne? I remember attending with my sister; Rev Lamplugh was the vicar at St.Peter's Church and Mrs Lamplugh took the Sunday school classes. We, as little children, would sit on the floor listening to her relating the story of Jesus. I remember her choosing my name and telling the story of St Cecilia, patron saint of church music. It never left me and even today I am occasionally asked if I know who Saint Cecilia was and am very proud to say I do. Another memory is of the Archbishop of Canterbury coming to Bekesbourne Church about 1954 for the confirmation service, I was in the church choir at the time.

Seeking Information

I remember visiting my Great Aunty Kit who lived in the old school house, I think it was Bekesbourne, but it could have been Littlebourne (her husband had fallen on train tracks during the war and died). The school room was off-limits, but she showed my sister and I once and we were spooked by the old fashioned desks in rows, and the darkness of the room. While the adults were talking we would be allowed to go outside to play in the former playground, where there were parallel bars - or perhaps they were at two different levels, we enjoyed that a lot. I also remember that Aunty Kit grew huge amounts of Rhubarb. At some point in time I remember going upstairs to see my Great Grandmother Watson who was unwell in bed sometime in the 1960's or early 1970's. No idea what her first name was. If anyone has any information to share, I would greatly appreciate it if you would contact me. ... Read more

Bekesbourne (St Peter's) Primary School 1950-1955

Does anyone have any old photos of Bekesbourne Primary School, especially between 1950 and 1955? I attended this lovely little Church of England school and would love to learn a bit more re its earlier years and see any photos as mentioned earlier 1950 - 1955. If anyone can let me know how I can find some details I would be most grateful. 01227 769708

Kent memories

The Lodge Gate

I was born in 1919 at Bifrons Lower Lodge Gate, which at that time comprised two dwellings. The part we lived in had been a school provided by the Marquis of Conyngham for estate children. It was shaped like a letter T. The lower room was almost circular and just before our time, the tenant of the lodge was expected to open the gates to let the Marquis through. My earliest memory is waking up in the big bedroom at the top of the letter T, looking out of the lead lattice window, to see cobwebs stretched across the road from the yew boundary hedge opposite to the telegraph pole. I also recall lying in my bedroom overlooking the road and being given an early morning call. Each morning Barny Coombs passed by, driving his horse and waggon, in summer loaded with cherries to be taken to London by train from Canterbury. With his long whip he would tap on my window and call, "come... Read more

Grandeur in Kent

Lee Priory 1903, Littlebourne
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In a corner of Kent known with justification as the Garden of England stood the magnificent building known as Lee Priory. It saddens me so much that it no longer exists. In my childhood a Colonel Belcher resided there with his family and in their generosity they allowed we local children to have access to their own children's library. A gesture that awakened in me a lifelong love of books.
I remember the wide expanse of park that fronted this beautiful house where deer could be seen grazing. I could only imagine at the time the lifestyle of the people who lived there. But such memories were inflamed by the literature of the time that illustrated so vividly a life so far beyond the reach of those of us from humble country origins.
I can only thank them for giving me a brief insight into a lifestyle I would never know, and in an age where now the standards they set are being swiftly eroded who can be blamed for... Read more

Number 5 The Green

The Green 1903, Littlebourne
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My mother Ruth Hadlow lived at number 5 (even though it was the first cottage - should be number 1) memories of visiting my grandad there until he moved in the late eighties. The house next door used to be the old police house, the Petmans lived there in the 60s, he kept eels and trout in his waterbutt, much to my amusment as a child. Used to steal my uncles fishing tackle from the shed at the rear of the cottage and catch trout or eels from the chalk stream behind. Remember Earnest the swan, the Harrops who lived in the big house on the green emigrated to Australia I think, Christopher and Richard Harrop, brothers I used to play with. Learnt to swim in the river near the oast house on the green. Shops, Mr Jacksons, Mr Johnstons, Cornstores, Hollaways,Reynolds the butcher.

My Great-Grandmother's Baptism

The date was actually March 1, 1857. No church is named on the copy of the Baptismal Certificate that I have. The certificate states that it is from Page 31 and is No. 243. Ada Maria, daughter of James (a laborer) and Mary Jane West, was baptised on 1 Mar 1857 by J. Woodcock, Vicar. The copy that I have was obtained by N. Howard M"Gocchen, Vicar of Littlebourne on 6 Jan 1886. I believe James had brothers - I have a picture of one named Stephen. There may have been a brother named Thomas; I'm not sure. In this set of 3 pictures, there are 2 copies of a woman. At the top on the back of the picture is the name Lottie West. On the bottom of the same picture it says Ada Marion West. Ada was later married to Thomas Chester Kean in Geneva, Ontario County, New York State, USA. I would very much like to know more about my great-grandmother and feel honored to have the... Read more

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