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Memories of Belvedere

The Village

In 1959 I was 10 years old and the village was my big adventure trip out when I went to the shops for my mum.  Upper Belvedere was always known as The Village when I lived there, is it still I wonder?  I even went to school there too, Lesness Heath primary, so I have many fond memories. Firstly the shops. ...Read full memory

A memory of Belvedere by Alan Roberton

The Mannooches And The Day Families Of Belvedere

My great-grandfather was Edward Alfred Mannooch who owned the furniture shop at 28/30 Nuxley Road, Belvedere. After his death in 1954 aged 90 the business passed to two of his daughters - Frances Adelaide and my nan, Lily Priscilla who chose to sell toys in one half of the shop and china in ...Read full memory

Nuxley Village

I was born in Croft Close 1961, at the top of Osborne Road. I decided today to have a look back at the area. I remember the Old police station which was turned into the driving school, I can remember my journey from Croft Close to go past Eric the green grocers, then there was a dairy- come-cafe. Lucas the paper shop, he ...Read full memory

A memory of Belvedere by Tracy Jordan

Belvedere Village 1930s 40s

From Dormans I would walk along the High Street past the wood yard where to my great delight my father agreed to buy me a movie projector for 8 shillings, past the co-op where I had been chased away a few time for taking their oranges and forgetting to pay. The year would have been 1936. I was 7. My neighbour ...Read full memory

A memory of Belvedere by Stanley Gray

Childhood In Upper Belvedere

I lived in a number of houses in the area starting with Elstree Gardens in Lower Belvedere, where I went to St Augustines. I remember winning a raffle and taking a bunch of flowers home to my mum and my first goal scored on their football pitch. I also remember my first kiss, but I am not going to say with ...Read full memory

A memory of Belvedere by Steve Deveson

Dose Anyone Have Any Inofrmation Leonard Carpenter

I no nothing about uncle Leonard Carpenter who died in Royal Alfred Seamen's Home in Belvedere so can someone please help me thankyou

A memory of Belvedere by jhon90

Growing Up In Belvedere

I spent most of my younger years up to about 5 years old living in Nuxley Road with my grandparents and my aunts. The house was next to Hammonds the Bakers at the bottom end near to Stream Way. I am not sure what the shop is now as it seems to change every few years. I also remember the Grubs the nursery/plants ...Read full memory

A memory of Belvedere by john.tainton

Growing Up In Belvedere

This relates really to the mid 1950s and early 1960s. We lived in Upper Belvedere in the prefabs. I went to Bedenwell Nursery School and then we moved to Lower Belvedere opposite the railway station and I too had a great view of the football ground from my bedroom window. I went to St. Augustine's Primary School and ...Read full memory

A memory of Belvedere by Kim Preston

Bedwell School (Old Church)

Ahh yes, the good old days. Bedwell school, the old church. I went there for my 3rd year when I was 9 or 10, this was because my actual school (bedonwell) was not large enough to deal with 4 years worth of pupils, so everyone went there for there 3rd year then back again to finish off there 4th year at bedonwell ...Read full memory

The Place I Call Home

I was brought up in Upper Belvedere and I was very happy. I first lived in Cheshunt Road and then when my nan died we moved to Barnfield Road. I went to Bedonwell School and Northumberland Heath School. My vivid memory is going to the Co-op in Nuxley Road with my nan to cash up her tin cheques and having them entered ...Read full memory

A memory of Belvedere by Beryl Hatton

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