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The Grange 1902, Biddulph

The Grange 1902, Biddulph

The Grange 1902, Biddulph Ref: 48668

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Would You Believe It

High Street c1955, Biddulph
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The young man on the outside of the pavement is me, the group standing in the distance are family members and the two on my right are demanding to know where I am going, as it happened I was going to see my Gran.

Did not know who the kids were and still don't but if you look at the picture my fists are clenched I was ready for a fight but they backed off, I still walk with clenched fists to this day!

If you took a picture in the same place today it would look very much the same, todays pictures would be in colour but then that is how we saw it anyway.

Best Regards David Bailey.

The Monks

Old Hall 1898, Biddulph
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I remember in my summer hols helping an American/Canadian couple to move the gold coloured Budda and other things into their place, ready for the monks arrival. They used to grow all their own veg and herbs there and it was a big eye opener for a Biddulph lad of my age...... great memories.

Biddulph,Early 1960s,Fondest Memories.

High Street c1955, Biddulph
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My father was transferred from a North East Mining Community,to a beautiful place called Biddulph.While he worked hard in the pits,we enjoyed many long days playing in some of the most wonderful places of beauty; Biddulph Old Hall and The Chinese Gardens. The surrounding countryside was well explored by myself and two sisters and three brothers. We would walk for miles and take advantage of milk left in urns at the bottom of the farmers lanes, still warm from the cows. Walking to Rudyard Lake for a day out with our parents was a wonderful experience. I also remember the carnivals in Biddulph itself. I am living back in the north east now along with the rest of the family. Biddulph is still a talking point in our family and the memories of school next to a farm, where the geese would chase you when you dared enter, are priceless memories. We remember the street, Church Close, and the football matches which were played on... Read more

Child of The Butler/cook

Old Hall 1898, Biddulph
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As a child I grew up close to Biddulph Old Hall and spent many hours playing around it and listening to stories of an old lady who was a neighbour and who had grown up at Biddulp Old Hall as the child of the Butler/Cook. She was very proud of this and spoke of a red chair in the shape of a triangle which was said to have dated back to the time of the Civil War and was reputedly given to the Biddulph family by King Charles II. As with legends you always wonder if such a chair existed and where it is now?

The Old Vicarage

St Lawrence's Church c1955, Biddulph
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In the 1970s I lived in the Old Vicarage and remember being able to view the church from the house.  My fondest memories are a lovely gentleman named Tom who used to take me to the shop each week when (I think) he collected his pension.  He would always buy me Smiths Salt and Shake crisps - and even to this day they remain my favourite.

Amazing Discovery At Rushton Spencer Church !! 1956

My late father, W Gary Bailey, and my grandfather, Master Builder W Lloyd Bailey (who built all of the houses on Brown Lees Road, Brown Lees ) were conducting maintenance work at the church, namely re-mortaring the exterior walls. My father noticed the mortar dropped through between 3 sandstone blocks at the rear of the chapel. The ensuing discovery beneath the church was the fabled burial crypt of the De Trafford family, some 500 years old. The vault had been plundered over the centuries, and an ancient oak door led into a small chamber containing human remains, and lead caskets inscribed De Trafford. Apparently, they resided in 1510 at the nearby Swythamley Hall. My late father told me about this discovery in 1981, and I have been fascinated by this church ever since !!! Anybody wishing more details on this is welcome to email me at;

Victoria Colliery Steam Shunter And Coal Wagons 1969

I remember as a 4 year old, standing outside my late grandmother ( Annie Bailey's ) railway cottage, watching the steam engine pulling coal laden, wooden frame coal wagons past the Railway Cottages. The Driver and Fireman would both wave their cloth caps at me, as I stood and watched, fascinated !!! The smell of the steam and coal was acrid, full of magic and atmosphere !!!

A Wonderful Christmas Time

We arrived in England on 15/12/1988.  My hubby Stephen and I were to be married on 7th January 1989 in Biddulph. I was amazed at the size of Heathrow Airport and for the first time in my life, I saw an English taxi, the ones we only see in pictures in South Africa.  Mom Ivy, Dad Roy and sister-in-law Helen fetched us at the airport. Once in Biddulph, I was astounded by the beautiful greenery, the friendly people and the tranquil surroundings. I also was surprised to find out that people in Biddulph drive on the same side of the road as us here in South Africa.  During our five week stay, I met some of the most awesome people, we went to Wales and London.  Piccadilly Circus was astonishing, just as we have read in articles back home.  On 7th January 1989, we got married in a beautiful church in Biddulph. It was raining softly. The most beautiful day of my life.  We had a little reception back at... Read more

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