Bideford, Victoria Park 1906

Bideford, Victoria Park 1906

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Memories of Bideford

Memories Of A Choir Boy

Seeing the pic of the font in St Marys brought back memories of my time as a choir boy there, part of a tradition in our family.  Our choir master was Mr Sellers a teacher at Geneva School also known as 'Jumbo' ...Read full memory

Looking For Mrs Coghlan

Hi, I had relatives that lived in Bideford and Northam. Mrs Annie Coghlan, (who was Annie Martin nee Woodland) who survived the Titanic, I'm trying to find out what happened to her after she survived the Titanic and ...Read full memory

A memory of Bideford

Bideford Bridge

My grandmother grew up in Bideford and had a copy of this postcard (which I still have). She told me that the two children in the foreground of the picture were actually her and her brother.

A memory of Bideford by Tracy Prince

Steeper Than It Looks

It was every school summer holiday that my sister and I used to come with our parents to spend a week or so with grandma Annie Penhorwood. If we had any money we would go to the bakery shop near the bottom of the High ...Read full memory

A memory of Bideford by Heather Uden

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