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Bilsborrow memories

Here are memories of Bilsborrow and the local area. You can start now: Add your own Memory of Bilsborrow or a Bilsborrow photo.


Hall c1960, Bilsborrow
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My great-grandfather, Joseph Eccles, built Bilsborrow Hall. He owned a number of cotton mills in Preston and played cricket for Lancashire. I have just started to look into our family history and will hopefully be able to post more comments later. Thank you for your memory Best wishes Peter Eccles

Bilsborrow Hall Garden

Hall c1960, Bilsborrow
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My great grandfather Thomas Bryce (Born 1869) was employed as a gardener at Bilsborrow Hall. He and his family lived in the Lodge at the end of the lane. If anyone has any information please contact me via this board.. Many thanks


My dad grew up in Bilsborrow in the house next door to the White Bull pub.    I spent many a happy day at my nanna and granddad's house.  My nanna used to be a cook at Bilsborrow Primary School and my granddad was a bus driver.  They were very involved with the community.   Our first born son is buried with my grandparents in St Hilda's.  I love the place, it is peaceful and beautiful.   When I visit to put flowers on our son's grave we always eat at the Roebuck.      

Memories of Lancashire

Long Summer Holidays

I remember long, warm summer holidays spent at my Nanna and Grandad's farm, 'Toll Bar Farm', when I was a child. I remember helping to call the cows in for milking, the large beasts swaying, their udders heavy with milk. Clip clop they clattered down the main road out the front with traffic waiting patiently, whilst the faithful sheepdog, Meg, nipped their heels and hurried them along. I now live in Australia and see the farm doesn't exist any more, the farmhouse is still there and the shippens and barn have been transformed into a smart barn coversion. I remember Bonds ice cream, dragonflies by the canal, cowslips, primroses and mayflowers. It's a special part of the world and very beautiful. I visit that area every time I come home. I loved helping feeding the calves, rolling out the milk urns, bottling in the diary, helping load up the van and going with my grandad to deliver milk.

My Origins

Horns Inn And Church Road c1960, Churchtown
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I was born and raised at the School House, next door to the Horns Inn, as was my father and his siblings. I was married in St Helens church in 1942. This photograph, taken in 1960, shows the "bypass" which enabled the village to be freed from the noise of heavy traffic. My grandfather was the headmaster at the school and is buried in the churchyard. My father suceeded him as head. This site truly brings back childhood memories of the past.

Woodplumpton - A Place, A Name or A Sentence?

W O O D P L U M P T O N A place, a name or a sentence? Almost Welsh in its length and complexity, the name conveys the notion of the idyllic countryside, natural food and a well fed community. In olden days when I was a lad, the local village children of Woodplumpton possessed a rural awareness sadly lost today. We all knew of the healing capacity of the dock leaf, could tell the time by the setting sun and could predict the weather by the height of the flying Swifts. Accustomed to the dawn chorus, that magnificent expression of bird song, raising to a crescendo to greet the dawn then gently fading within minutes into the normal background chatter of the blackbirds, the thrushes, the sparrows and so many more of our fellow natives, the daily rhythm of life was at peace with Mother Nature. In those early days, before the speeding traffic and the ghastly light of the street lamps, the stars brightly defined the heavens... Read more

School And Choir

The School 1966, Broughton
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What a trip down memory lane I took when I saw this photo. I went to this school back in the late 1960s and early 1970s (going on to Fulwood Secondary School). Myself and my two brothers, Keith and Raymond, went here, the headmaster's name was Mr George Smithies, other teachers' names I can remember were Miss Devlin, Green and Rake. I sang in the church choir, the choirmaster's name was Mr John Catterall. I have not been in England for many years now, after serving in the Army for most of my life I am now living in Denmark. But if there is anyone who remembers me or any of this it would be great to hear from you. We lived in Lightfoot Lane and then moved to 'Fuwood' on Garstang Road.

My Grandfather

St John's Church 1959, Broughton
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His name was Ernest Ferrington and in 1885 he was born at 55 Woodland Street, Broughton. The family had just moved from Hulme, Lancs and my great grandfather George; his occupation was a coach viceman. In 1891 the census tells us they had moved to 20 Rylett Street, they were very near to Albert Park. Unfortunately they are not there any more but would like to know if anyone has any history of that time. My great grandparents were George and Mary Ferrington and would like to know the nearest church to Albert Park in 1890 or is it Broughton Church.

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