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Memories of Binstead

Issac Saunders Blacksmith

In 1970-72 I worked for a man in Sydney, Australia who told me that his Great-Grand-Mother came from the Isle of Wight, and that is all that he knew of his 'roots'. In 2015 I said that I would try and find some more information about his ancestors. I spent many months delving into the past, and visiting the island. ...Read full memory

Lydia And Wendy

I worked in the big hotel in Sandown, and a couple of hotels on the very seafront with two girls from Binstead, what fun we had, laughter and tears went together. I've lost touch with them but would love to hear what they are up to now and where they live. I remember Browns boating lake in Sandown, and one of the hotel ...Read full memory

Binstead In The Big Freeze 1962 63

I was born in Newnham Road Binstead in 1955 and have happy memories of the freedom of living there. Being able to walk to Binstead school and walking alone to my godmother's farm (Newnham Farm) looking for bird's nests (quite legal then!) without a care. However the most distinct memory was waking up on ...Read full memory

A memory of Binstead by Robert Hall

Wonderful Years

Living on the island was like living in paradise - it seemed like a constant holiday! I remember walking from 'Danehurst' along Pitts Lane across Binstead Road and up Cemetary Road to school every day. I loved walking to the beach through the woods near Quarr Abbey and through to Fishbourne. I loved going to Sunday School ...Read full memory

A memory of Binstead by Carole Wilson

Lovely Place

I love Binstead, met my first wife there Carole, who lived in Beatrice Close. We walked all around the village but the best walk was from the Church of the Holy Cross up to Ladies Walk, a truly beautiful place which I still enjoy at my age of 66yrs. In recent years parts of Binstead have been ruined by over development, too many houses and increase in traffic, but I still love it.

A memory of Binstead by John Smith

Youthful Pranks In Binstead! 1958 1962

I am a 67 year old British citizen and have lived for over 40 years as a rock musician in Germany. I went to Ryde School in the 60s. After I left I was lonely living in London and used come back to the island most weekends - to my friends in - wait for it! of COURSE....in Binstead. I used to stay at the ...Read full memory

A memory of Binstead by Simon Hornsby

The War Years

I was born in Ryde in 1938 and when war broke out, my mother and myself moved in with my grandparents, Laurence and Lucy Stroud (nee Meecham) into what is now Wellwood Grange but in those days was just Wellwood. It was the home of the Tattenhall family and my grandfather had been their butler, so when they nipped off to ...Read full memory

A memory of Binstead by John Stroud

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