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Lambert's Confectioners Bond Street

My grandma & granddad (Ted & Janet Lambert) used to run a confectioners in the corner building at the top of Bond Street, a steep cobbled road then. They used to bake bread and cakes at their main shop in Drighlington, next to what is now the doctors surgery. I remember him taking me in his Bedford van to stock the Birstall shop, I always thought the van was going to trundle down the steep hill as I was only about 6 at the time. Janet Grayshon (as she was before married) learned to bake in Birstall when young, not sure where but she used to have to walk up Fieldhead Lane as a young girl when it was an ash road with no lights! I am sure someone out there will remember their shop and their baking as it was awesome.

Jack Garside And Mucky Minnie

Does anyone remember 'Spring-heeled Jack' and 'Mucky Minnie', the local tramp and his partner from the market place? Well, we do, and we also bought his house to sell on. My husband still has the scars from the flea bites to prove it.

Birstall Life, 1970

Does anybody remember Clifford the milkman, he had a barrel in a yard that he used as a dog kennel in the village. Or the Co-op in the village, I think it was that sold record players and I  think shirts folded up, and kept in drawers behind the counter. I was 4 at the time of these memories. The dry cleaners that you could get high on walking past at the bottom of North Terrace. Singing 'Lily the Pink' at the working men's club. My dad Ernest Shaw played darts for the Hare and Hounds, if anybody remembered him he died in 1972. Liptons shop in the village. The fish and chip shop near Raikes Lane infant school, they went to Australia  from the chippy. Did anybody reading this go to that school in 1970 -72? I still have the card you all signed when I left. Does anybody remember Dr Chong's in the village, didn't he always give you a lollypop?   

Cinema on A Saturday as A Boy

I grew up in Driglington late 50s/ 60s and remember going to watch Roy Rogers and Hopalong Cassidy, now that was another lifetime ago.
As I got a bit older lots of us drig lads used to visit a coffee shop in the main street - cannot remember its name, and met lots of Birstall girls there.  I also remember the first 3d movie I saw there, it was the House of Wax, we had to wear those red and green glasses.

An Industrial Village

Having grown up in Birstall I have a fondness for this little market town in West Yorkshire, situated approximately 8 miles from Leeds and centrally placed for easy access to other major towns Bradford, Huddersfield and Wakefield.

Fifty years ago Birstall was a thriving village, where everyone knew everybody else (and their business!). There were several mills in the area, Birstall Carpet Company, Holton's, Charles Sheards to name but a few.

The shopping centre was busy and there was a variety of shops, unlike today when the centre seems to be full of beauty parlours, hairdressers and takeaways, with traditional shopkeepers struggling to earn a living.

In the market place stands a statue of Joseph Priestley, who discovered oxygen. He was born in Fieldhead. Birstall also has links with the Brontes, as Charlotte often stayed at Oakwell Hall and Brookroyd House and based her book "Shirley" on the area.

Until the 1990's not much had been written about Birstall. I then decided to write... Read more

West Yorkshire memories

Childrens Care Home.

During the early 1940s I was placed in care with my older brother, John, in a care home in Gomersal. I have very vivid memories of the home but have been unable to locate exactly where it was. Can anybody remember anything about this care home. Any information would be gratefully received.

Children's Care Home Gomersal.

Will the guy who was in this home in the early 1940's please get back in touch with me regarding the photographs he said he had as I lost contact details. Thanks in anticipation.

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