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Durham Chare 1914, Bishop Auckland

Durham Chare 1914, Bishop Auckland

Durham Chare 1914, Bishop Auckland Ref: 67142

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Witton Park/escomb School Sports

Newgate Street 1914, Bishop Auckland
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i attended witton park school and was junior boy sports champion then attended escomb school and was sports champion in 63-64 have been trying for years to trace the shields cups from both to complete my family history i used to live at the baltic at the top end of witton park, if anyone can help me in this please contact me . i love going back just to see the place where i grew up , shame theres not that much left , i always bring sausage and stotty's back here to lancashire , but its good to rome the fields just like when i was a lad , now 65

Grocery Stores

Newgate Street 1914, Bishop Auckland
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My grandfather Thomas Edwin Mantle had a grocery and creamery in Newgate Street. He died before I was born but strangely my father Herbert Clayton eventually had his own store in Newgate Street, it was called H Clayton esquire, family grocer. I was two years old when we moved to Redcar in Yorshire. So I have no memories of my birthplace.

School Years

I used to go to school in Rushyford (Windlesone Hall) and we used to go to Bishop Auckland every other week. I remember there used to be some green cabins in the market place that used to sell burgers and the like, and a department store - I think it was called Doggarts. Correct me if I am wrong. We used to go there to eat... the best years of my life.

Mount School

On September 15, 1949, I started attending Mount School at the ripe old age of 4 1/2. The School was located in the Market Place. I travelled with a small group of students from Eppleby to Darlington and then on to Bishop Auckland on the United bus number 1 which stopped quite near the front door of the school.
The boarders slept either at 'The Cottage' which was close to the gates or at 'The Elms' which was a large house which I think was near where Silver Street is now. We wore cream blouses, brown and cream coloured ties and brown gym-slips in winter, and in summer brown and white checked dresses.
I remember Richard and Rita Darling, twins with whom I shared a room when I was very young, also Paul and Steven Muir who were related to Miss Muir (the headmistress), Mrs Smith who taught 2nd form and Miss Heslop who played the piano and I believe taught sewing, sadly she committed suicide early one... Read more

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