Blackheath, The Village 1906

Blackheath, The Village 1906

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Memories of Blackheath


My gran owned the pub at Blackheath which was called the Forest King, it was on the edge of the cricket pitch. There was also another pub called the Volunteer on the next road. Does anybody remember them?

The Volunteer Arms

My Great Grandfather Alfred Saunders (1863-1944) looked after the Volunteer Arms before he semi-retired, he also had an interest in the Forest King Pub and the Percy Arms at Chilworth (plus he had shares in ...Read full memory

Forest King Pub

My Great Great Grandparents Frederick & Mary Saunders owned the Forest King Pub. He is listed as a publican in the 1881 & 1891 census and Frederick died 24 Jan 1894 and Mary died in 1904. Alexander Saunders was then the licenced-victualler.


It has been almost 50 years since I have seen the inside of this church. My mother; Molly Risbridger) was married in this church to a Canadian soldier Mr. Ken Lloyd Maxted. I am their son Robert Glenn Maxted. Happy Anniversary! 2007 I love you Mom and Dad, Your Son, Glenn

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