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Claremont Park Terrace 1890, Blackpool

Claremont Park Terrace 1890, Blackpool

Claremont Park Terrace 1890, Blackpool Ref: 22889

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The Big Wheel 1896, Blackpool
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My Great Uncle Elijah pulled the Blackpool Wheel down. The Company was probably Ward Bros. He had souvenirs made, in the shape of a coin Ed

Holiday Memories

My parents spent annual holidays at Taberners boarding House in Albert Road, Blackpool Central, when they were young children, and upon hearing of their eventual courtship and engagement many years later, the then owners vowed to postpone the sale of the boarding house until they were to marry and have their honeymoon there in 1948. Later on the boarding house was sold on to a family by the name of Hill. Of course my parents continued to use the boarding house as their holiday venue and thus my elder sister and I now enjoyed yearly holidays there. My earliest memory would be in 1959 walking along Central Pier, at a point where your photo was taken as you walked by, and could be purchased. We always bought them as we didn't have our own camera back then. My fondest memories are of the 'Muffin the Mule' rides which were dotted along the golden mile, also 'Donkey rides on the sands' at 6d a time (old money). Then if the... Read more

Good Old Stan

I was to live in Blackpool for a short while and would work on a farm; I lived with my sister and brother in law in Delphine Avenue. Lawrence my brother in law leant me his Honda fifty motorbike, I pulled into a petrol station some 15 miles away and proceeded to ask the pump attendant for a gallon of two stroke petrol. He informed me that as far as he was aware this type of bike was a four stroke engine and that straight petrol was the norm, but I was so stupid and big headed that I insisted that it was a 2 stroke engine! The customer is always right - where he simply said have it your own way and put in 2 stroke oil into the tank with petrol. Having kicked up the bike I set off back to Blackpool and got less than one hundred yards from the garage when the engine came to a spluttering stop. I began to push the... Read more

The Tower Buildings

The Aquarium 1890, Blackpool
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Site of the present Blackpool Tower

Kiddies Bathing Pool,

Kiddies Bathing Pool, South Shore c1955, Blackpool
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I might just be one of those kiddies in the picture.

Bailey's Hotel

Bailey's Hotel 1890, Blackpool
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Now the Metropole, the only hotel 'on' the promenade.

The Booth Family

St John's Church 1890, Blackpool
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My Grandfather and Grandmother were married in this church. My grandfather John Booth was a rock manufaturer - the Exhibition Rock Company in Gorton Street. I saw the lights being turned off in 1939 when the war broke out. My Father Ronald Monk had the first internal airline in the UK going from Blackpool to the Isle of Man and Liverpool. At the Isle of Man airport one can see the propellor from his seaplane. It was while doing this that he met my Mother Madeline Monk nee Booth.

Spencers Chalet Site

Winter Gardens 1894, Blackpool
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I am trying to trace Spencers chalet site which was situated in Singleton, Blackpool, going back to the 1960s. I have recently visited the area and I think it may have been on the Windy Harbour site or nearby. It was owned by James and Emily Openshaw. I would be most grateful if anyone can relate to the site or better still have pictures. The owners at that time around 1962 were related to me but as I was only 5 years old then I remember very little about them, but would be most grateful if anyone could shed any light on this.

Chubby at The Winter Gardens

Winter Gardens 1894, Blackpool
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We drove to Blackpool on our way back from Gretna after getting married. Went to see Chubby Brown at the Winter Gardens. Beautiful building, a great night and a lot of laughs. x

Days Out in Blackpool in The Forties And Fifties

Promenade And Sands c1958, Blackpool
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Between the years 1944 and 1956 my family and I lived in Preston, Lancashire and from there it was only a short ride on the train or bus to Blackpool, where we spent many happy days. This photo shows the sands and the wooden steps up to the promenade as I remember them. My mother preferred to go to Lytham, where it was quieter and more select, but there was far more to do at Blackpool, where we spent hours on the sands, paddling in the sea or building sandcastles. When the tide was up we played in the paddling pool or went on one of the three piers. Also there were donkey rides - I remember falling off my donkey! We never went up the tower - I can't think why - that was a treat I saved until I was able to bring my partner from Germany to Blackpool in 1991. However the sands could be treacherous - I remember there was one point where the water came... Read more

Roses Everywhere For You Now Jimmy

The saddest of news. A member kindly sent me a link about Jimmy Rose and I was delighted to find old pictures of him. Looking further, I discovered that Jimmy died just two years ago. However, it does illustrate the value of this site, and the generosity of members who give their time to respond as they do. My search for my old friend is now ended, but the memories are still there.

Baby Cheyenne!

My only son, James ,was born in Glenroyd Maternity Hospital in March 1964 weighing in at a tiny 5lb 4 oz. In the next bed, I had made friends with a lady whose mammoth son born a day later, weighing 17lbs! I promised that my Jamie would take care of her boy in the hospital nursery and make sure he wasn't bullied by the 'big boys'. The lady, a great fan of the Western series of the time, decided to call her son Cheyenne! I felt he would need to retain his bulk throughout his life unless she either thought again, or bought him a gun! Four days later, we left them both behind and I returned to work at the Queens bars at Cleveley. I never saw them again, but often wonder what became of Cheyenne. Maybe, by some huge twist of fate, he is here, and can tell me.. (there can't be many Cheyennes born in March '64 in Glenroyd) and I can tell him that his nursery... Read more

The Queens Bars in Cleveleys

I was a part of a double cabaret act in the 60's. My then husband and I were Ricky and Jackie Day...we both sang and played guitars. We were resident at the Queens Bars in Cleveleys for summer seasons and my son James was Born at Glenroyd Hospital in Blackpool in 1964. Peter Blythe was a budding Medical Hypnotist... hypnotised me to have "painless Childbirth" (It didnt Work folks!) But he and his wife Maxine were good friends of ours...and I am afraid I pretended it did, so as not to upset them! The queens Bars put on a very popular cabaret show...our best friends in those days were JIMMY & RITA Rose. Jimmy did a country and Western guitar vocal I would love to know what happened to them after we lost touch when we moved on (as acts did in those days), and they bought a bungalow to settle in Cleveleys. Does anyone remember any of these people or places?

My Memories of Blackpool

I remember my parents taking us children to see the Blackpool illuminations as a birthday treat, where we would see all kinds of animations along the prominade and all the trams where also lit up, that was some 48yrs ago. I don't know if this still happens, enjoy.

Visiting Blackpool Illuminations as A Child.

Around the year 1950 a coach would take all the children in our road on a trip to see Blackpool Lights. Those days they called the coach a charabanc.  Does anybody remember that name?  How happy all the children would be going on that trip to Blackpool. I remember very well  leaving in the early evening on the coach with our parents so excited. And arriving at Blackpool and riding up the promenade so mesmerized at all the pretty lights and all the differant themes of nursery rhymes.  We would have hot baked potatoes on our trip home and always returned with a stick of Blackpool Rock. Happy memories of yesteryear!

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