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Memories of Blandford Camp


i arrived at Blandford camp in 1951 for my national service 13 weeks training 8 weeks square bashing and the rest driver training in bedfords,I left Blandford and went to Borden 1 week and then to Malaya on active service stationed in Kaula lumpur with 27coy RASC MY NAME IS RON BATEMAN

Innocent Youth

Blandford Camp was the last base Dad was posted to before we came to Australia. Dad or rather SGT Alexander (Alec) Aitken worked in the Q Store at the School of Sigs. Their married quarter was on Racedown Road, about halfway down the hill. Its now a vacant patch. My brother and I used to roam around the whole camp ...Read full memory

National Service Rasc

It was in a cold winter of 1957 when I arrived as a private at the old timber huts close to engineers corner. After much square bashing & rifle drills including hours on the ranges it was onto driver training with civilian instructors, 2 trainees with each instructor in 3ton Bedfords. We started driving around ...Read full memory

A memory of Blandford Camp

You Are Now On Your Own

May 8th 1958 - I arrived at Blandford camp, started 2 years Nat/Service, A company, N 8 platoon Sgt Scholey. Still got the photo..REME. I was given an army number and told to remember it, 57 yrs later still remember it. We would do guard duty on the main road at night, we would stop buses look inside and then ...Read full memory

Where I Was Born

My dad who was Joe Newton who was a Sergeant in the REME was based in Blandford when I was born in 1960, at 26 Racedown Road, I today decided to have a look at where it is, and hence found this site to put this information on.

Soldiers First Haircuts.

Between late 1940 and 1944, my Father Andy Taiano and his best mate Ted Young , were the camp barbers.They gave the new recruits their first haircuts for king and country! He moved from S.E.London with my Mother,shortly after his Parents, Sister and foster Brother were killed in an air raid in Walworth S.E. ...Read full memory

Always Good Times

My family moved to Blandford Forum in 1970 and we left in 1973, my dad was in the Royal Signals. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers and the time we lived there really was the most fantastic time ever. I have vivid memories of all the fun we had and how safe I felt while living there. We lived at 26 College Road, ...Read full memory

Decades Ago

I was born in blandford in 1943 and lived there for the next 14 years,,, I remember my dad coming home from the war,,, my mother and I lived with my dads folks who were caretakers at the grammer school at blandford while my dad was serving his country in india,,, when he came home there was an acute shortage of housing,,, ...Read full memory

Happy Days

The best years of my life, I loved Blandford Camp and everything about it, swinging high on the swings singing songs, going to Blandford primary school (as it was callled then), roller skating around the camp, bike rides to the NAFFI, it was the second time round for me, we lived at Racedown Road when I was born, then when ...Read full memory

Happy Day's,,,, Now,,,,,,,,,,,,, Not Then. !!!!!!

I arrived at Blandford in September 1954. B company. Took a little time, but got sort of used to it pretty soon. I remember all the different types. Bankers, plumbers, labourers, carpenters office workers, farmers, etc, etc,. and all types imaginable. Then all had haircuts. All dressed in denims, and hey ...Read full memory

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