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Blundellsands Hotel c1960, Blundellsands

Blundellsands Hotel c1960, Blundellsands

Blundellsands Hotel c1960, Blundellsands Ref: B444001

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Turner Family

The Beach c1960, Blundellsands
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My mother recalls the relative Cyril, Percy and Dolly. I think the surname is Turner. Does anyone know anything about this family?

Blundellsands Beach.Prior to 1960

The Beach c1960, Blundellsands
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I was thirteen at the time and lived off Riverslea Road, which led down to a walled field on to the beach. My friends Derek Austin, Les Reece, Charlie Kelly, and a few others had built the Biggest Bonfire for miles around. We had travelled as far as Formby to collect all sorts of wood and old gates etc, we even built a trench around the bonfire, and covered the trench with corrugated roofing, and old grass sods, to camouflage it. Three of us stayed overnight to protect it, feeding off lemonade and roast potatoes until the the day the fire was to be lit. On the day I remember it rained nearly all day and we all wondered if we would be able to light the Bommy. Another friend Ray Bett's dad was chief mechanic at the garage at the top of Warrenhouse Road on Bridge Road, we went to see him and he gave us all the old oil from the sumps of the oil changes... Read more


Memories include, the erosion, sniggery woods, coronation park and the erratic glacier boulder, the boating lake. Fort Crosby, the bike shop at Brighton-le-sands. The swimming pool down on the shore, the big houses down merrilocks and Burbo Bank. The electric train, the BS (now gone I am told), the library (old one,not the new one at Waterloo). Woolies near the train stop at Waterloo. The L23 and L30 buses into town, the list just goes on and on. Left there 45 years ago and have never been back. Maybe I will go for a look, I did have a look on street view recently and it was very interesting.

Coastguard Cottages, Mariner's Road, Blundellsands

As a youngster I lived in one of the Coastguard Cottages at the bottom of Mariner's Road. The complex comprising of six terraced cottages, Wincliff - the former Coastguard's house and a separate Boat-House were demolished around 1966 and sadly no-one appears to remember or to have any photographs of them. Even sadder when you think that they probably stood on the site for over a hundred years and had a long history of their own.

Cavendish Road

My Step-Grandmother, Agnes Buncombe, (known as "Snowie") lived at No 2a Cavendish Road with her husband Sid, and her son Wallace Frank Jones (my StepFather) I loved spending weekends and holidays at Cavendish Road, if anyone remembers the above mentioned names, would love to hear from them.

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