Borehamwood, Leeming Road Shopping Parade c.1965

Borehamwood, Leeming Road Shopping Parade c.1965

Neg. B408040

Memories of Borehamwood

Lunchtime Bopping In Leeming Road.

Does anybody remember the radio shop which also sold records and record players? They used to play the modern hits over a loudspeaker in the doorway and it wasn't long before pupils from Lyndhurst school ...Read full memory

A memory of Borehamwood by John Gates

A Memory Of Time In Borehamwood

I was born at Stilton Path Borehamwood in 1957, went to Greenacres Infants, Parkside Junior and Campions Secondary Modern School, and after attending a Secretarial course at Borehamwood College I worked at ...Read full memory

A memory of Borehamwood

Good Ole Days!

My first school on moving from South London to 124, Brook Road was High Cannons at Well End. Then to Lyndhurst, a few teachers from memory : Tony Smith, Mr Thurston, Mr Fennel and who could forget Wendy Watford & her ...Read full memory

The Village

I moved to Borehamwood from Acton, North West London, when I was three years old. I spent my childhood there, scrumping in neighbours gardens, getting the greenline bus into London for trips to Selfridges at Christmas, to London ...Read full memory

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