Borehamwood, Leeming Road Shopping Parade c.1965

Borehamwood, Leeming Road Shopping Parade c.1965

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Memories of Borehamwood, Leeming Road Shopping Parade c1965

Small Cafe In Borehamwood High St.

Does anyone remember a small cafe from the late 70's, run (I think) by older ladies, that used to be in a turning off the main Borehamwood High Street, quite near the front 'studio' end of the road? I believe it was the first turning on the right, not far up from the big pub at the base of the high street. Sorry, I don't remember any street names seventies, as it's nearly 40 years ago now since I used to go there with a girlfriend from back then. Many thanks, Mike Farrier

A memory of Borehamwood by mfarrier

The Associates

Was part of a "Youth Group" called The Associates during the 70s. No, not a Boy-Band but an 18+ youth group who used to meet on Thursday night and party in the cellars of the High Campions annexe to the local college. Many names come to mind but who can forget the "guiding light" of Brian Catchpole and the unique character of "Fang". Road trips were made in an ambulance converted to a minibus painted purple and gold, generally driven by Peter. Ah happy days!!

A Memory Of Time In Borehamwood

I was born at Stilton Path Borehamwood in 1957, went to Greenacres Infants, Parkside Junior and Campions Secondary Modern School, and after attending a Secretarial course at Borehamwood College I worked at the local film studios as a temp in the script typing section for documentaries as well as Sky Petroleum, and the Council, moved to Theobald Street where I lived until I got married and then moved away from the area - I remember a childhood playing in the fields across the road at Stilton Path (a housing estate now I believe), there was a green outside the house with four big oak trees, we knew just about all the neighbours, played and grew up with many friends and had some great parties! Alas I ...Read full memory

A memory of Borehamwood

Life In Lemsford Court

I was born at my parent's house at 33 Lemsford Court in 1956. I've heard that the house was demolished quite some time ago because of a structural problem and rebuilt. Maybe the problem was caused by the roots from the huge oak tree in the front garden. People came from all over to try to climb that tree but I can't remember anyone managing it. I attended school at Monksmead and Summerswood, then further afield at Watford Technical High in Bushey. School holidays and weekends were spent playing football or cricket with my best mate Stuart on `the green' in Lemsford Ct. When the green was too wet, we played football or tennis on the road. There weren't too many cars around in those days to worry about. Mind ...Read full memory

A memory of Borehamwood by Garry Smith

Building Leeming Road Shops,

I can remember moving to Sinderby Close to a brand new house from Waterloo. Only shops were then Rossington Avenue. As kids we watched Leeming Road shops being built. I now live in Hersham but often go back to the wood to see my brother and sister. How the town has changed. My close friends them days were Gordon Sharp, Terry Perkins, Tommy Walker, Ian Walker, Alan (ginger) Reynolds, Frank Campbell and Jack Lovesay who I understand sadly passed. Be nice to hear from old locals on the site.

A memory of Borehamwood

High Cannons School.

I came from Lowestoft in Suffolk to live with an aunt and uncle in Glenhaven Ave, while my mother was ill. I remember being taken by coach with my sister Jacky to High Cannons. We were not happy at first. It was very different to our small school in Lowestoft. We soon settled and have happy memories. I also have memories of the shopping centre, Woolworths in particular, where we could spend our pocket money. Just before the shopping centre was a sweet shop called Hansons, my aunt cleaned here. We returned home but I later came to Watford where I did my nurse training. Again I spent a lot of my off duty time in Glenhaven Ave. I am now retired, but often think of the happy times spent in Boreham Wood.

A memory of Borehamwood by Diane Bryan

Good Ole Days!

My first school on moving from South London to 124, Brook Road was High Cannons at Well End. Then to Lyndhurst, a few teachers from memory : Tony Smith, Mr Thurston, Mr Fennel and who could forget Wendy Watford & her magnificent cleavage! Miss Ratcliffe, Mr Pam, Mr Grieson-Hill, Mr Gandy and the teacher who had the most effect on a lot of pupils lives was Mr Ladds (Form E4 & E5) - he was our form teacher & mentor. He now lives in Suffolk after moving from Radlet, where he & his wife lived for 30 yrs +. We are still in contact, he has just has his 92nd birthday. I have his permission to list his phone number & address here, he would really appreciate contact from his pupils. He already get letters & cards from all ...Read full memory

Lunchtime Bopping In Leeming Road.

Does anybody remember the radio shop which also sold records and record players? They used to play the modern hits over a loudspeaker in the doorway and it wasn't long before pupils from Lyndhurst school (me amongst them), used to gather at lunchtime on the pavement outside the shop to bop the hour away - much to the annoyance of Mr Fennell, the headmaster. It became quite a daily feature until eventually a TV crew turned up to film it. Finally the shop was persuaded to silence the music and Leeming Road's moment in history was over.

A memory of Borehamwood by John Gates

A Year In Borehamwood 1977/78

I spent a year in Borehamwood in 1977/78. I was a french student and I worked in Hillside School & Campions Middle School as a french assistant. I loved Borehamwood; made lots of friends: Steve Tann/Steve Anderson/Brian Catchpole/ Debbie Tolmia/ Les Wheeler and lots of others. Every Thursday was The Associates night where we used to listen to music , have parties etc... was all brilliant! Unfortunately I lost touch with everyone. I lived above the veg shop for a while. We used to go to the Red Lion pub. Great memories...

I Remember The 1960s

I lived in Borehamwood since the 1950s, I remember the Lynx very well before the dance hall was added, I have some pictures taken inside. Some great groups performed there. Morris took over from Pythe as the youth leader. I remember painting flowers on some of the girls cheeks in the hippy era. Before the large hall was built we had great nights in the small one with a juke box and the coffee bar. When I saw the Status Quo, Small Faces and the Kinks, I remember we all looked like them and the girls' fashion was fantastic. My first mohair suit cost £14, tailor-made full-length leather £15 and Levi's £1.52p {35 shillings) and my GS 160 Vespa £84. I have some footage of me riding it as my dad had a cine camera ...Read full memory

The Lynx Youth Club

Is there anybody out there who remembers The Lynx in Maxwell Road? I remember seeing Rod Stewart, The Yardbirds, Georgie Fame and The Who there in 1964/1965. The youth leader was Maurice Barnett, we used to give him a terrible time but it was a good time.

Leeming Road/Aycliffe Road

After the Co op supermarket in Leeming Road was a chemist also owned by the Co op, if you then turned right you came into Aycliffe Road where there were more shops, first was a bakers called Emerys, then a greengrocers called E Baggs. Next was a mini supermarket called Centra (run by Redge & Molly Blanchard and their son Steven) next to them was Gaskells butchers and finally a fish and chip shop, then it was Torworth Road that gave a rear access to all these shops for deliveries etc.

A memory of Borehamwood by Eric Oliver

Leeming Road Shops Page 2

Further to my list of shops which cut off after Kershaw & Creaseys Off Licence, the next shops on that side of the road were George Wilkie's, bookmakers, followed by a butchers first called Atwells and then in the late 1960s George's which was a family run business. Next to that was a greengrocers that changed owners quite often and next to them was a sweet shop called Mayfair. Crossing the road to the Green Dragon side, first was a dentist called Fasht & Rabin, next to them was a chemist run by a Mr Ghan, next to that was a hardware shop called Holts, then came a barbers/ladies hairdressers called My Fair Lady, next to them was a bakers and next to them a sweet shop called Josephines, next to them ...Read full memory

A memory of Borehamwood by Eric Oliver

Borehamwood, Leeming Road Shopping Parade C1965

I moved to Boreham Wood when I was six weeks old in 1952 and lived there until 1977, spending my whole childhood there and my teens and early 20s. My parents moved from there in 1984 along with other family members so I have not been back there since. My memories of Leeming Road shops are quite clear as we lived in Theobald Street near Aycliffe Road and my mum used to send me often to the shops which actually spilled out into Aycliffe Road. Firstly there was a Post Office in Aycliffe Road on the corner of Baldock Way, next to that a clothes shop, then Eros the jellewellers (owned by Mr Rosenberg) the Bidmeads the pet shop. Round the corner in Leeming Road was Lamberts the shoe ...Read full memory

A memory of Borehamwood by Eric Oliver

Borehamwood, The Village

I was born at 4 Glenhaven Avenue in November of 1945 to Matthew Murray and Elizabeth (Beth) Murray, My sister Jill having been born in Radlet in 1944. I remember that the walls were brown in the house so I gave it the name of the 'dirty house'. After the war, council houses were being built to take care of displaced Londoners. My folks got one of the council houses, 23 Caishowe Road. We must have moved to this house about 1947. My sister Lindsey was born in this new home in 1950. We all went to Cowley Hill Primary school which was on Winstre Road. We took a short cut on a foot path from Caishowe Road to the back side of the school. Borehamwood was a wonderful quiet place to grow up. We didn't ...Read full memory

Borehamwood Shops

This picture is of the shops in Leeming Road and not the main shopping centre in Borehamwood, fondly known as the village. Leeming Road shops are in fact about a mile away from the main town. I would love to see any photos of the "village" if anyone has any.

A memory of Borehamwood by Margaret
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