Memories of Boston

The Old Park

I shall always remember the old park with great affection. The first time I remember walking through I would only be about five years old; there was a dead blackbird lying on the ground, I gently put my foot on it and it squeaked. ...Read full memory

A memory of Boston by Bob Marriott

New Quay Picturehouse, High Street, Boston

Bostons second cinema to open was the New Quay Picture-House was situated in the High Street, opposite Van Smirrens tower building which still stands today. The New Quay was opened on Thursday 29th ...Read full memory

A memory of Boston by Maurice Brader

Boston Gasworks

In the war years I used to fetch a measure of two strikes of coke. We had some very bad winters in the war time. I had to get in a long queue to get served. To carry it home I would put it under my bike frame. One time I was ...Read full memory

A memory of Boston by Bob Marriott


I affectionately remember regularly visiting my grandparents Horace and Ethel Wilson who lived at "Oakleigh' on the corner of Albert Street and Carlton Road. When I was about 6 I remember my brother and I venturing to the gasworks, ...Read full memory

A memory of Boston by Dave Wilson

Great Grandmother, Elsie Clara Doughty

my great grandmother, Elsie Clara Doughty, died two weeks ago. My great grandmother was married to Charles Doughty, my great grandfather, who Doughty Quay was named after in Boston.

A memory of Boston by Laura Mitchell

William Bill Box And The Swing Bridge At Boston

One of my favorite memories of Bboston was of my Great-Uncle Bill Box who for many years operated the swing bridge over the Haven river. He worked for the railways all his life and in fact I have ...Read full memory

William Joyce Alias Lord Haw Haw

I was talking to a man who I knew very well, he lived next to Gostelows boat yard. He was in his garden, he said to me " did you know who William Joyce was" I said "yes, I used to listen to him on the wireless ...Read full memory

A memory of Boston by Bob Marriott


My grandmother, Beatrice May Palmer, was baptised at St. Nicholas Church her dob July 13th, 1893.

A memory of Boston by Patricia Dolby

Kenzie Thorpe

While wild-fowling on Frampton Marsh in the winter of 1954, I met McKenzie a well known Poacher. He showed me a curlew he had shot, he had it in a poachers pocket inside his coat, a jovial sort of fellow. He became a well known ...Read full memory

A memory of Boston by Bob Marriott

The Barge Inn

I have such fond memories of my school holidays staying with my Uncle Jack and Aunty Anne at the Barge Inn, Tattershall Road, ( I think they may have actually owned the pub). I used to love being spoilt by my aunt and uncle and ...Read full memory

A memory of Boston by Maureen Olrod

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