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Reading a book about the old railway line that went through Braunston station and came upon this poem.
Its autumn time in Braunston
And now the forager swears
The cattle rise and listen
In the valleys far and near
And blush at what they hear.

written by
Hugh Kingsmill 1889-1949

Bragborough Hall

If any one has memories from parents about Bragborough Hall as a nursing home during the last war myself and many others who were Bragborough babies would love to hear from you.

Terence Wilcox


I was born at Bragborough Hall in 1941 when it was used as a maternity home for mothers from London. My mother came from one of the nearby villages. If anyone has any memories of the hall I would love to know.

Northamptonshire memories

Cooper Family

The Village c1955, Welton
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John, Jean and Paul Cooper moved to 9 Churchill Road in March 1964. Cost of property (new) £3,400.00.  Paul was aged 3 years and 6months.  Len and Cis Richardson and Sarah, moved in approx. 6 months to No 11. Sarah was born on the same day as Paul. The White Horse was a real village pub, with music on Saturday night. The landlady played the piano. Miss Burrows was the school Head Teacher and she also taught the Sunday School. The village cricket team played on the field at the rear of Welton Place (now demolished).

Gathering Damsons

The Village c1955, Welton
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I remember going to Welton, with my mother and father, on their motorbike & sidecar, to pick damsons, to make jam, at a Robbins relative that lived in Welton. As far as I have been able to learn, Robbins lived and farmed in Welton since the seventeenth century. I would love to find the house where I went those many years ago.

Jeff Robbins
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

The Paddock

I remember Paul Cooper, I used to stand at bus stop with him, he had younger siblings Kym and ?????.
Nigel Saunders

As Far as I Can Ascertain my Family Originated Here, And I Would Appreciate Any History of Weltons

My name is Amy Welton. I live in WV, USA. My family as far as I can tell came from this place. The name may have been de Whelton originally. My direct ancestor is John Welton who came to this country in the early 1700s. Any information anyone has concerning the history of either the family or the place Welton would be greatly appreciated.

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