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Briar Bank Park memories

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Memories of Bedfordshire

The Park Nearest to Shortstown Lower School

That park has been changed through the years. There used to be: a tall swing (about 3 times bigger than the one now), a seasaw that could fit about 10 to 15 people on (if 14 people were on one side and 1 on the other, then he would get fliped off) and there was a few more dangerous things and now they have taken it all down. Nathan Fisher, Shortstown. (aged 11), 2013.

My House

High Street c1955, Clophill
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This is where I live, it is no longer a village post office. It was built in 1680, and we are returning it to a residential property.

39 Mill Lane

Mill Lane c1955, Clophill
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The gable end of the house on the left is 39 Mill Lane and Back St starts at the junction over the hill and not visible here. My father built the house about 1935 when he was  21 years old. I grew up there until 1955 when it was sold and we moved from Clophill for a short time. We returned in 1957 and lived in the Old Police House in The Slade until I married in 1966 and brought my first home in Back St. I have traced my family's time in Clophill from about 1750 until 1980 in a new book which is now available.

The RAF And Cardington

As RAF children, all three of us were christened in the picturesque church in Cardington, which is the unofficial 'favourite' church for RAF personnel! I obviously don't remember my own christening and wasn't about when my older brother was held over the font, but I do remember my sister's christening because she's nine years younger than I, so the memory is quite vivid. I also remember making much earlier visits to the charming old pub - as far back as when I was only two years old, in fact! - before we were posted to Cyprus. Not allowed into the pub itself, the kids would play outside, rain or shine, but I was awaiting heart surgery and so could only sit and watch, unfortunately! I enjoyed the lemonade and packets of crisps with the ltitle twist of salt in blue paper, but I never ate the pickled cockles that the grown-ups would bring out to us on the jar's lid. Yugh! I've no idea if the area has changed -... Read more

Basic Training

As a young 18 year old, and very excited, I was joining the RAF. My excitement died a little as I went through basic training - all that drill, wow, anyhow I got through it and considered it all very worth while. My first leave, in that blue uniform, I looked very smart and was proud to have served.

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