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Memories of Bridlington

Family Holidays

Limekiln Lane camp site is a special place for me, my grandparents spent many happy holidays there in the 1950s. Once their children arrived they went along too. Jaqueline and Harold had children of their own, I am one of those children. I have six children and every year we return for a fortnight, my children adore this ...Read full memory

Happy Days

Wow.. those boats are still plying their trade today although the boating pool is on the southside near the spa nowadays and has been for a few decades. I remember my Nan taking my brother and myself in the long hot summer of 1976 to have a go on these boats...for a 11 year old they were the height of cool....happy days indeed !!!!

A memory of Bridlington by Rich Colman

Happy Times At Limekiln Lane Camp

Happiest memories are when our family would be in Bridlington at the caravan my grandad had. Bridlington will always be my favourite place.

A memory of Bridlington

Music On Board

My father, Ernest Pullan, played piano accordian on the 'Bridlington Queen', during the early 1960s perhaps 1961, 1962, 1963.

Summer 1937

We stayed in a caravan at Thornwick Bay in July 1937. On a visit to Bridlington harbour I saw the SS 'Yorkshireman', which was the biggest sea-going vessel I'd been near to at that time. I thought it was magnficent and it gave such an impression of power and strength to me as an eleven year old. When we returned to school ...Read full memory

A memory of Bridlington by Bob Milner

Holiday On The Buses

From 1948 to the early fifties we used to have our weekly holiday in a bus on Marton Road. There were quite a few buses on the site, all situated at the top of the site, most of them were double deckers painted in green. Ours was different from the others because it had four chains which looked like it was holding ...Read full memory

Bridlington Holidays

I have many fond memories of the holidays I had in Bridlington when I was young. We stayed with a Mr and Mrs Morris who lived at Havelock Crescent, I remember they had a daughter called Margaret. I used to love looking at the clock made from flowers which was on the front. I still come to Bridlington for 2 weeks every year but now stay on Pembroke Terrace.

My Great Grandfather James Allen Pride Was The Rector Circa 1900

I'd be interested if anyone has any photographs of him and his family (my Grandmother particularly).

I've Finally Found The Caravan Site

I spent many a summer at this caravan site. My Gran used to own a caravan there. I have so many found memories of the pace and even though last time I was there would have been about 25 years ago, I can remember quite a lot - peeing in a bucket for one!! I've decided this year I want to come back to ...Read full memory

Holidays In Bridlington In 1950''S

When I was a child my parents use to take my sister and I to Bridlington on the train from Hull for 2 weeks holiday a year. It was magic land to us. My dad was born and brought up in Flamborough but moved to live in Hull during the war years. So our holidays in Bridlington were very much a part of our ...Read full memory

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