Bristol, Tram, The Centre 1901

Bristol, Tram, The Centre 1901

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Memories of Bristol

The Port Of Bristol

Bristol's great heritage started from humble beginnings. An Anglo-Saxon settlement by the name of Brigstowe steadily grew into a thriving port. After the Norman invasion of 1066, a castle was built in what is now known as ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend

John Cabot The History

Cabot used only one ship with 18 crew, the Matthew, a small ship (50 tons), but fast and able. He departed on either May 2 or May 20, 1497 and sailed to Dursey Head, Ireland. His men were frightened by ice, but he forged ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend

Bristol, High Street And The Blitz 1940

Bristol's High Street scene of many strirring events in Bristol's history the heart of the city was destroyed and lost forever in 1940. As a city with docks and industry at its heart, Bristol was a ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend

The Ghost Of Sarah Siddons

It has long been claimed that the lady in black who haunts the beautiful old Theatre Royal in King Street, home of the Bristol Old Vic, is none other than the great actress Sarah Siddons. There are similar tales of ...Read full memory

A memory of Bristol by Paul Townsend
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