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Memories of Brixton

Happy Days

I lived in Stockwell park road and we used to go to the ram jam club on a Saturday or Sunday I worked at woolworths when I left park side secondary modern school happy memory's

A memory of Brixton by jacquieburton1

Sussex Road

I lived in Sussex Road of cold harbour lane number 91.did anyone else live in that Road my name then was Linda warren

A memory of Brixton by lindaloveday

Best Years!

I lived in Lambert Road Brixton Hill with my sister Pat and two brothers Ron and John Wootton. My name being Rene Wootton. Such lovely happy memories of Saturday morning pictures at the ABC and wall king into Brixton shopping area. Lambert Road was a long beautiful Road with lovely house and very friendly neighbours. My main ...Read full memory

A memory of Brixton by Irene Luker

A Wonderful Childhood In Brixton

I remember it so well, being told we were moving to a house in Sudbourne Road, Brixton. I was nearly six years old and moved into a very old and neglected Victorian House at no 23, Sudbourne Road, with my mum, dad,sister. It was a beautiful house,with lovely original features. The house backed onto the Timber ...Read full memory

A memory of Brixton by Annette Healy

Staturday Morning Pictures

My brother and I and friends would all go to the Palladium, we would watch Cowboy and Indian films and we would all boo when the Indians came on. We also saw great cartoons. I think we payed 6 pence. We all sang the Saturday morning song "We are the Boys and Girls " ... and I can't rememember the rest of the words. All I know is I loved going, I would look forward to Saturday morning.

Brockwell Park

I remember Brockwell Park, I used to go there with a friend open-air dancing. My friend was Phillis but alas can't remember her last name. We met and worked at Freeman's catalogue firm in the SKL department. Also we went roller skating in Brixton. My maiden name was Beryl Jamieson, if any of the girls read this that worked at ...Read full memory

A memory of Brixton by Beryl Clark

Lambert Road

hope you dont mind me contacting you i was born in clapham and went to sudbourne road school in the late 50s and early 60s a couple of my classmates lived in lambert road linda townsend leonard harwood and phillipa richards if you by any chance knew them regards Bob

A memory of Brixton by Bob Mandale

An Aussie In Brixton

I came to England on a working holiday with a mate in 1957. We were told of digs in Brixton (by an accommodation woman at the YMCA) at 37 Wiltshire Road and we lived there for about six months. It was one of the most wonderful times of my life - there were about ten young(ish) blokes living in the house that was owned by ...Read full memory

A memory of Brixton by 77glendale

Trent Road Water Lane

I was bought up in Brixton, Water Lane - have very happy memories. I remember going to Brixton market with my nan, she would meet her sister for a drink in the pub, Prince Albert. I would wait outside with my crisps and lemonade, then she would take me into Walworth and buy me sweets. I used to love going to Saturday ...Read full memory

Our Record Shop In Landor Road

Does anyone remember the Record Shop in Landor Road called The Beat Goes On. My husband and I opened this shop around 1976 and we were there for a couple of years. It was opposite the well known bakery in that road. Down the road was a grren grocers, and up the road was a camping shop. The man from the ...Read full memory

A memory of Brixton by Doreen Marshall

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