Memories of Bromsgrove

Bromsgrove Institute In High Street

My husband's grandfather Eustace Egbert George Duffill was born in 1869 at the Bromsgrove Institue in the High Street. Please can anyone tell me whether the Institute building features in any of the photographs of the High Street. I believe his father was librarian there.

A memory of Bromsgrove by Pamela Jones

Beat You To The Top

Remember when I was a lad a group of us friends used to gather at the bottom of what we used to call the 48 steps and have a race to the top - the last one up was a wimp. Those were the days, when lads were lads.

A memory of Bromsgrove by Colin Warman

Ward 16

I was a student nurse and The Hop Pole pub opposite All Saints Church was known as Ward 16. Liz Banks nee Earle

Under Age Drink.

Ah, used the George when I was 15yrs of age - one of my first under age drinks, then pop over the road to the Golden Lion. Good old days.

A memory of Bromsgrove by Colin Warman

Former High School Pupil

I suspect that the picture is actually taken in around 1960 or 61, as it appears to show the new Lower School extension under construction on the right. I was in the first year's intake to use the new building, starting in September 1961.

Bromsgrove High School

I left in 1956 and my name was Tyers !!

A memory of Bromsgrove by Gill Walcot

Bromsgrove High School

My memories are of a really good school. Discipline was the order of the day. I left in 1956, before the building work started. Is there anyone out there who remembers the name Tyers?

A memory of Bromsgrove

An Inspiring Sight St. Bartholomews.

Attended Tardebigge School from 1953 onwards until the dreaded 11 Plus Test . One of my first memories is meeting the Headmaster, Mr Knight and Deputy Head, Mr Hutchings and being introduced to the Vicar, Mr Underhill (hope my memory is still working) and going into the church seeing how big it seemed ...Read full memory

A memory of Bromsgrove by Roger Willis

The Coach & Horses Hotel.

This was one of the hotels/public houses owned by Mr.& Mrs. R.J.Gillman; they were my grandparents. My parents visited them taking me with them. My cousin Clive and I went exploring, oh boy! my finger slipped threw the wallpaper in one of the bedrooms, so Clive and I traced it round and found hidden behind the wall ...Read full memory

Annie Rowlands Of Stoke Works

I remember staying with my grandmother Annie Rowlands during World War 2 in the village of Stoke Works on Harbors Hill Farm. There was a neighbouring farm there and I remember a John Ford. My grandmother took me on a bus to Bromsgrove and bought me my first pair of wellington boots, I felt like royalty. I ...Read full memory

A memory of Bromsgrove by June Manson

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