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Northamptonshire memories

Working in Kettering Careers Office

People in The High Street c1960, Kettering
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I spent an enjoyable month in Spring 1988 working for Kettering Careers Office as part of my training during a post grad year for my Careers Guidance Diploma.

I remember Tresham College, lovely shops, friendly people, a comfortable bed and breakfast for the month arranged for me by the college, and my journey each Sunday and Friday evening by train from my Watford home to Kettering via Bletchley and Bedford. Although it was only March I remember cherry trees in blossom along the roadside!

I met some fascinating people in the most unusual jobs such as as fletcher and a jigsaw maker and a factory making bubble wrap!

The Bus Station

Bus Station c1965, Kettering
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I have put 1970 as my year of recollection, but I was catching the 259 service from bay 5 at about the time this photograph was taken.
In 1970 I was working on the buses as a conductor and by 1974 as a driver.
You will see in the photo that buses reversed onto the bays, this changed in the mid 1970s, with the introduction of more fromt entry buses, from then we drove onto the bay and reversed off.
At the far end was a cafe (near bays 1 and 2) and at this end a waiting room and a boking office.
A block of flats now stands on this site, but the bus garage is still there, just to the left of the photo.

Bakehouse Hill

Bakehouse Hill c1955, Kettering
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The bakehouse was a regular visit for us on Saturday mornings - when we used to go to the morning picture shows - and we would call in to buy freshly baked crusty rolls to eat during the film, but were usually consumed long before we got to our seats.
The picture still shows the roading with its cobbles still in place.

Silver Street 1955

Silver Street c1955, Kettering
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I first started work for Colliers Cabinet Makers in School Lane and as an apprentice I had to go for the cakes and biscuits at a bakers shop in Silver Street which was situated just around the corner from School Lane.
When this picture was taken, I was in the Merchant Navy and when on leave, regularly purchased a suit from Burtons' "Fifty Bob Tailors', which is just in view to the extreme right.
The street has not changed much physically during the past fifty years or so, but some of the old pubs have long disappeared.

The Old White Horse

High Street c1950, Kettering
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My grandparents and greatgrandparents (my mother's side of the family) were landlords of the pub - The Old White Horse in Kettering between 1900 and 1930. They lived above the pub and the children used to attend private schools. Also, they had servants and cleaners in daily too. I would like to hear from any readers whose grandparents may have visited the pub and remember the names of Fredrick and Irene Dainty (my grandparents) and James Dainty (my great grandparents). Also, it would be nice for me to see any photos of what inside the pub used to look like. Please get in touch and it would be brilliant to hear of more news about the Old White Horse in Kettering. Also, why did it close in 1962?

Burns Drive Memories

People in The High Street c1960, Kettering
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My grandparants lived at 5 Burns Drive in the 1970's. I remember my grandad taking me round the Silver Band Club, and through the woods to Studfall shops and sometimes to the swimming baths. My grandad was the club M.C at the Silver Band in the 60's. They moved to Browning Walk early 80's and I made many friends round there as a kid, and would often play hide and seek round there including Weland Vale shops. My nana would take me round to the wool shop at Weland Vale to get wool to knit me jumpers for school. I remember a little swing park through the back garden at Burns Drive too...many great memories.

A Day at The Park!

Childrens Playground c1955, Kettering
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Not sure exactly the last time we were at this park, but it was after 1960, that's the year my brother was born, and we came to Canada in 1964, so it was sometime or several times in between. I am pretty sure I still have an old photo of us (me & siblings) playing in the sand pit, and sitting on the wall in the middle. We also played on the Merry-go-Round (and fell off a few times) cos my brother would make it go so fast, but it was always a great day out...those were few and far between. Then the dreaded trip home, I was always sick in the car - my dad just loved that!

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