Burgess Hill, Royal George Road c.1960

Burgess Hill, Royal George Road c.1960

Neg. B284053

Memories of Burgess Hill

Wiggins Sankey

I used to work in the shop in the photo at about the time the photo was taken. That company also had a depot in Junction road next to the pub and the railway crossing, and I also worked in that depot. I have very happy ...Read full memory

Where I Grew Up...

I lived in Noel Rise from birth to when I was 25. My Mum still lives there in the house pretty much next to where the car is.

A memory of Burgess Hill by John Banks

Mansion Close/Inholmes

I lived in what is now Mansion Close from 1978 (when I was born!) to 1995 or so. There was a picture of the mansion in a book of old photos of Burges Hill, but I can't find it now sadly. It looked fairly forbidding ...Read full memory

A memory of Burgess Hill

Burgess Hill Lido

My dad was the manager at this pool and I used to spend all my time here with him, until he sadly died in 1972, when I was only 8 years old. I still love swimming today and it is a very big part of my life. I would love ...Read full memory

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