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Royal George Road c1960, Burgess Hill

Royal George Road c1960, Burgess Hill

Royal George Road c1960, Burgess Hill Ref: B284053

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Wiggins Sankey

Station Road c1965, Burgess Hill
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I used to work in the shop in the photo at about the time the photo was taken. That company also had a depot in Junction road next to the pub and the railway crossing, and I also worked in that depot. I have very happy memories of those times; we (my wife Doris & I) bought our first house there in Slimbridge Road .


My aunt and uncle became the caretakers at Inholmes after it was converted to offices. I remember the magnificent staircase which had a huge eagle as a newel post. The range in the kitchen was the biggest I have ever seen, and the kitchens had not been touched and were exactly as they were when the house was a home. Outside there had been wonderful gardens - then sadly neglected. Part of the gardens had been a very long area sunken and very wet, then all overgrown. It was possible to see the layouts of a series of terraced areas, I particularly remember the enormous Gunnera plants with wicked spines. In one of the cellars, reached from a door opening on to the old terrace, were many boxes of glass photographic plates with photos of the family, friends, horses, carriages etc. They were probably destroyed but were a wonderful record of the Edwardian era. My cousins and I had great races using two bath chairs too. A beautiful house... Read more

Where I Grew Up...

Noel Rise c1965, Burgess Hill
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I lived in Noel Rise from birth to when I was 25. My Mum still lives there in the house pretty much next to where the car is.

Working in Burgess Hill

Station Road c1965, Burgess Hill
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I worked in the ticket office at the railway station from about 1959 until about 1962. The taxi drivers would come in for tea and W.H.Smiths was attached to the building. I was one of the first to move in to the block of flats just outside and was known as Keymer Court. Much later in life I was one of the first to work on the town's own bus service which was operated by the Southdown and we would run empty from their Haywards Heath garage. I briefly did a milk round from the dairy just down from the station and it took me all over Ditchling Common and Plumpton finishing up in Street. I would come back on my three wheel milk float up Folders Lane and by then the batteries were very low and it was gratifying to see Hoadleys on the corner because then it was all down hill back to the dairy.

On The School Bus

Keymer Crossing 1966, Burgess Hill
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Between 1964 and 1966, I used to travel by bus from Haywards Heath to school in Burgess Hill, going over Keymer crossing twice a day. If we were lucky, a train would be coming and we would get to see the crossing in action. The picture is taken looking south, towards Burgess Hill, and the signal box is visible on the far side of the crossing on the left. We would watch the signalman through the windows of the signal box as he operated the gates by turning what looked very much like an old-fashioned ship's wheel. On one occasion the train, instead of being the usual rather dull electric multiple unit, was hauled by a big mainline diesel (possibly a Class 40) in BR blue and yellow - much noisier and more impressive!

Paddling With my Friends

St John's Park c1960, Burgess Hill
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Lived in Burgess Hill for over ten years and I am the little girl in the postcard !

This is Where I Lived

Worlds End From Station c1965, Burgess Hill
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Both my sister and myself were born in the first house to the left, 44 Leylands Road. My father lived there from 1936 until his death in 1981, my mother from 1937 until circa 1984

Junction Road

Junction Road c1965, Burgess Hill
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This is the top of Junction Road looking towards the top and Scrase's butchers (his brother had a butchers at the bottom of Junction Road just down from where we lived from 1957 to 1963), the post office and Hoadley's Corner.

St Andrew's Church Hall

Church Hall And Vicarage c1965, Burgess Hill
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I remember this being built after the old parish rooms burnt down. I think I was 5 or 6 when the fire happened. I went to Junction Road School and we put on a concert on the stage in the parish rooms when I was about 5 or 6 - I was a duck. We had Sunday school in there too until after the fire when we had it in the church. The fire must have been in 57 or 58. I wonder if anyone has any photos of the old parish rooms.

The Swimming Pool

St John's Park And Swimming Pool c1960, Burgess Hill
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I taught myself to swim here in the 1960s. I remember it used to be 6d to get in and you were given a wire basket to put your clothes in and you changed in the wooden changing rooms. I used to have a shower (cold) before I jumped in so the water felt warm. I must have spent hours in this place and sometimes even had money to buy something from the refreshment kiosk but usually I just swam until I got really hungry and then cycled back home.

London Road Primary School

St John's Park And Swimming Pool c1960, Burgess Hill
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I too remember Mrs Duckworth though she was not my teacher, my first teacher was Miss Richardson and also there was a Mrs Parrott. I then went to a class run by Mrs Donnovan, Mr Baird was head master and Ms Brown was the scary teacher, also I was in Mr Eliot's and Mr Smith's class. Of course all gone now and a housing estate I also lived on Chanctonbury Road (31) with sister Sue who also attended in Mrs Cardigan's class. I now live in Norfolk but occasionally visit Burgess Hill and also pass by Keymer Parade where my parents started a baby shop which later became a restuarant (The Jack & Jill), now an Indian restaurant. Brown's stationers and The Sunshine Cafe (4 Black Jacks a 1d and he'd still sell you one for a farthing). The Goose Fayre, firstly on Folders Lane and then to where was it - Brown's Lane? The Orion Cinema and Swaysland the Barbers, happy days.

Where All The Cars?

Church Road c1965, Burgess Hill
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I would have thought even in 1965 there would have been more cars around. Not a yellow line in sight but with so little traffic there was no need.

Church Road has really changed since this snap was taken, particularly toward the lower end where pedestrianization occured. Sadly Burgess Hill town centre, apart from Saturday mornings, is just about as empty of people as in this picture. It has the feel of a place on its last legs - lots of charity shops and cheapo clothes shops - not a good sign.

Peartree Close

St John's Park And Swimming Pool c1960, Burgess Hill
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I was born in Burgess Hill in 1955 and lived at 18 Peartree Close. There was a rough track behind the house with rear access to garages, and we spent loads of time playing up and down this track and in the woods beyond. I used to go to London Road Primary School and remember Mrs Duckworth as my teacher. Before starting Secondary School, we moved to 155 Chanctonbury Road. There we would spend hours playing in the woods at Nightingale Lane and we would venture across the fields, crossing over the railway bridge and walking back along the tracks which would eventually bring you out by the railway station. There were a few ponds along this route where we would dabble with the art of pug sticks and usually end up caked from head to foot in mud. I used to attend Oakmeads County Secondary School, and when I started work I got an apprenticeship with South Eastern Gas and worked out of... Read more

Burgess Hill Lido

St John's Park And Swimming Pool c1960, Burgess Hill
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My dad was the manager at this pool and I used to spend all my time here with him, until he sadly died in 1972, when I was only 8 years old. I still love swimming today and it is a very big part of my life. I would love to know if anyone has any more pictures of the pool from 1970-1972. Or if anyone remembers my father, Tom Turner.
Many thanks
Lynette Turner

1947 to 1955

Church Road 1950, Burgess Hill
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I was born in 14 Church Road, the property above the jewellers. I lived in Burgess Hill until I was eight years old. I remember the open air swimmng pool and all the areas around the town which were fields. I started school at London Road School or Junction Road School as it was known. I remember the Salvation Army playing their music at the corner of Church Road every Sunday morning.

Burgess Hill Swimming Pool

St John's Park And Swimming Pool c1960, Burgess Hill
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I might well be one of the kids in this picture! - In the early sixties we used to go there every day, dawn to dusk in the summer - Two sessions a day as I recall at thruppence a pop! - I am sure my mother thought it money well spent. Had my 'first kiss' in one of the buildings to the left of the pick - Jackie Aplin, where are you now?? - haha

Mansion Close/Inholmes

I lived in what is now Mansion Close from 1978 (when I was born!) to 1995 or so. There was a picture of the mansion in a book of old photos of Burges Hill, but I can't find it now sadly. It looked fairly forbidding in the picture so I'm glad it was rather more handsome in real life from what people are saying. There may be no grand house any more, but it is still a lovely and quiet estate which hasn't grown since the estate was built and still has easy access to Ditchling Common.


I was born in Burgess Hill in 1957 and lived there until 17. My parents owned Herbert & Sons Sports good shop (later just Herberts) my grandparents originlly owned it as ran it as a sports shop and shoe repairs. I went to Junction Road Junior School. Wonderful memories

Happy Childhood

We moved from Balham to Burgess Hill in 1956. My parents had bought 267 Junction Road and then proceeded to renovate the house as it was in a shocking condition. Both my parents worked in London so I walked to my grandparents' house daily at 227 Junction Road. Saturday morning was time to go to Worlds End (by Wivelsfield Station). There was Scrace's, the butcher's - Mum mainly bought beef sausages as they were cheap and spicey - we had pork for a treat now and then. Further on was The Tuck Shop - a most amazing sweetshop. Very tiny but the selection was tremendous. Round the corner was the pub, the grocer's and on the opposite side of the road, the greengrocer's. Mum used to take her bike shopping at least twice on a Saturday and I used to go and spend my pocket money in The Tuck Shop. On the 'rec (recreation ground) there were swings and a roundabout. There used to be a fete or similar held... Read more

Inholmes, Cants Lane

Does anyone recall the mansion house called Inholmes. It was at the very top of Cants Lane when I was a youngster (I am now 50). It was owned by Keymer Brick and Tile Company as I grew up and then sadly demolished to make way for the present housing estate. I would appreciate any photographs or memories.

Silverdale Road

Anyone have any old photos of Silverdale Road 1940s to 1965...?

Freeks Lane

Does anyone have any photos of Freeks Lane, or Freaks Lane as it used to be? - Thank you.

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