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Memories of Burnhope

Early Years

Where do start?! I (then Aidan Jackson) moved to Burnhope at the age of 3 in 1944. I lived at 1 Jaw Blades (now demolished) with my grandparents, uncles and mother. I started school at the old infant/junior school in October 1946. Teachers I remember are Miss Kay, Miss Daley, Miss Dowson, Mrs Thompson (formery Miss Pallister - ...Read full memory

A memory of Burnhope by Aidan Tasker


Burnhope is a nice place to live because it is and quiet. Among us are some of the richest and poorest people (including childrens auther Terry Deery).

A memory of Burnhope

Burnhope X

I Live in Burnhope x First Comment :P :D xx

A memory of Burnhope by Natalie Barron

Childhood Days

I was also born in Burnhope our address was Beachgrove Road, went to the school around 1951 my teacher was Miss Douglas. Migrated to Australia in 1952 with my parents. Do not remember a lot but spent time singing for a lolly in Rutherfords Shop. Had a friend called Dianne Henderson only two girls in our street. Dad returned ...Read full memory

A memory of Burnhope by jackchrism

Happy Times

I was born on August 2 in 1949 at Croxdale Hall Durham. It was seconded after the war from the Salvin family presumably because of shortages of materity hospitals. My mother was Elda Stonebank, one of 13 family and well known in the village. We played down the sawmills, got penny treats at Ada Rainbows and built camps and ...Read full memory

Memories Of A Bevan Boy

My late father, Eric Palmer, was stationed at Burn Hope colliery during the second World War, where he worked as a 'Bevan Boy'. He had many memories of his time there which he often shared with my sister and I. He was very fortunate to be billeted with a lovely family, The Ladlers, who treated him as they did their son ...Read full memory

A Little Girls War

My memories are very clear of being ten years old and attending Burnhope Primary School. While I didn't realise it at the time, every teacher was brilliant. Miss Mary Dowson taught me in my last year at that school and eighteen of the kids, that year, passed the 11 Plus and off we went to change the world. Park Methodist ...Read full memory

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