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Memories of Burton upon Trent

Abbey Drapery

I remember my mom working at Abbey Drapery. I used to love to go in and watch the vacuum payment system. The money was put in a round tube and whoosh off it would go only to return minutes later with the change.

Magical Place

My childhood was lived in Burton and Stapenhill - 1952 to 1965 I remember fondly the swan and gardens, running up and down the beautiful rock garden steps. There was a huge willow tree between the swan and the river that hung down to the ground seemed like such a magical place to stand in with the sun filtering through ...Read full memory

The Barrel Organ In High Street Burton

I remember the Pub in High Street just before Bargates on the River side. There was a Barrel Organ in the Alley which had a monkey chained to the organ but I can't remember the name of the Pub. Perhaps someone can remember better than me as I was only 8 years old at the time.

Bank Holidays

I remember walking from the bridge onto the ox hay as a teenager, there was a fete and barbeque during the day and a dance at night under a big marquee, complete with a wooden floor. A liitle further along the bridge were the public baths and swimming baths, we used to go along there for a bath before we had a bathroom of our own.

A memory of Burton upon Trent


This was where the market was held, we used to buy ice creams and sit in the gardens at the side of the church on a sunny day.

A memory of Burton upon Trent

Walking The Bridge

I remember walking the bridge from Stapenhill grounds to get to school in Bond Street, it was the Technical High School then, but was the Burton Grammar School when my brother went in the 50s. The bridge was for pedestrians only and wow betide you if you rode your bike as it was a 10 shilling fine if you were ...Read full memory

A memory of Burton upon Trent

High Street Monkeys

Can anyone tell me the name of the Public House that was situated in High Street Burton, opposite side of the road to The Burton Mail Offices (before the Bargates was built), around mid to late 1950's? There was an alley at the side, ( used for the delivery of ale), that also contained a cage/cages containing ...Read full memory

Early Memories

I remember the swan, we lived in Burton from 1953-1957 then moved to Hampshire. I remember the gardens at Stapenhill, crossing the bridge into town, the steam trains and level crossings in the middle of town, the river and the bath house near the bridge. I also recall the whole town waiting on the bridge to see the ...Read full memory

Swan Hotel

The Swan Hotel used to have very glamourous dinner and dances back then. The name Swan is made up from the roads from the hotel, Stapenhill, Winshill, Ashby and Newton. My dad used to ride his bike up and down the hill to Winshill all his working life and I remember climbing the hill if we missed the last bus home.

A memory of Burton upon Trent

Stapenhill Gardens

I remeber on a Saturday evening we would walk from grange street to stapenhill to visit my grandma, and we would stop at the Elms for cherry pop and a packet of crisps in the garden...........Oh Happy Days

A memory of Burton upon Trent

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