Byfleet, High Road 1951

Byfleet, High Road 1951

Neg. B265025

Memories of Byfleet, High Road 1951

Names Of The Shops

As I remember, the main building in this picture was the Lloyds Bank.  The manager lived above the premises but his name escapes me.  The other shops were Walkers the bakers where we used to buy a bread roll prior to going to school across the road, St.Marys Primary (we would have had our breakfast at home first!!!!).  Then there was the greengrocers, Mrs.Hobbs, I remember that well as I used to deliver the greengroceries on a Saturday morning on one of those awful bikes that we had at the time.  Next was Marshalls the newsagents again a newspaper round for me.  The only other shop I remember here was Joseys the fish and chip shop, a bag of chips for 3d!!  Where has the time gone!!  Martin Green late of Dawson Road.

A memory of Byfleet by Martin Green

Memories of Byfleet

Top Of Our Road

I remember this parade of shops being built. Left to right was Ely's the greengrocers, next door was Mr Hill the butchers, then Humphries the grocer and then Ashworths the chemists.  A little further on to the right was Schearers the bakers. Ely's was later owned by Jack Curtain, Humphries Store, Mr Palmer, and Ashworths ...Read full memory

A memory of Byfleet by Peter Hancocks

The Blue Anchor

The Blue Anchor, scene of the murder of Mr Jones, the landlord, was poisoned by Pierre Vaquier who was having an affair with Mr Jones' wife. Vaquier purchased the poison in London and was recognised by the man who had sold him the poison, when a photograph of Vaquier appeared in a national newspaper. My grandfather was drinking in the pub when Mr Jones died.

A memory of Byfleet by Peter Hancocks

Early Thought Of Byfleet From The I.O.M.

I was born at 11, Church Road, Byfleet - the gardener's cottage, tied to 'Wey Barton', Mill Lane. That was then the residence of the Coles family, to whom my grandparents, Bert & Nellie Bird, were in service. We lived with them until 1949, when the 'Big House' and all was sold. Later, in the 60s or 70s, ...Read full memory

A memory of Byfleet by bobhunt1946

The Plough In The 1930''S 40''S

The Plough my Grandad's (Jack Bartram) favourite watering hole, Granny claimed that with the money he spent there it should have belonged to the family. Landlord in those days was Mr Henry Castleman. The bay on the front was almost demolished when during WWII a Welsh Guards Bren Gun Carrier ran in to it killing the lady who was the co-owner of The Old Log Cabin Shop, Minnie Caldwell.

A memory of Byfleet by Peter Hancocks
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East of the M25 and the older River Wey Navigation, Byfleet is a suburban village; although it is built along winding lanes, it is architecturally disappointing. At its east end, down by the River Wey, is a superb brick manor house of the 1680s, which has been much altered subsequently and is now divided into apartments. Back in the village centre, things are less coherent. The Lloyds TSB bank (right) in Bedford Park style of 1879 promised greater things than its dismal surroundings in the High Road.

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