Caerau, Caerau Road c.1955

Caerau, Caerau Road c.1955

Neg. C387010

Memories of Caerau

Maesteg Market

I can also remember the market in Maesteg, Saturday mornings, Terry and me used to cycle to the market from 30 George Street in Caerau to fetch faggots and peas. Of course, it was easy going there, all down hill so to speak, ...Read full memory

A memory of Caerau by Colin Cornwell

Caerau Road

Does anyone remember the Jones family in Caerau Road. John and Alice?

A memory of Caerau


When I was a girl we used to make dams in the river, and climb the mountain at the back of Duffryn Hotel at Coegnant colliery. It was a magic place to grow up in. I lived in Glanafon Terrace, and went to Tonna Road School. Horn was ...Read full memory

A memory of Caerau by Eira Waite

Coinant Collary

Always when my gran (Cath Hatton) was working in the canteen I would go up and have a drink and a piece of cake, and she would shout at me for bringing my friends up. On a couple of occasions a man used to show me a trick by moving ...Read full memory

A memory of Caerau by Paul Hatton

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