Calne, Bentley Grammar School c.1965

Calne, Bentley Grammar School c.1965

Neg. C228115

Memories of Calne, Bentley Grammar School c1965

1st Day At School

I remember walking up that drive in short grey trousers, new blazer, Kerry House tie and a school cap. The Calnebgs website has moved to Cheers Martin

A memory of Calne by Martin Summers

Memories of Calne

Lovely Memories

I was at greenacres approved school in 1965. Miss Goldsmith was the headmistress. Wicked woman. I worked on the farm after coming out of the classroom at 15, Mr. Hayes was the teacher a Welsh man very nice. Miss trgenza was the in charge of the farm. I became a young farmer. The girls I remember from there are. Rachel craddock, ...Read full memory

A memory of Calne by jeanettd51

My Home Town

There are so many things I can remember,Calne when the town was not split in two the flower seller who used to sell the flowers under an arch as you went up the hill past lovely town gardens. Being lined up along the pavement to see the King and Queen being driven throuh the town. The hot wall, the wonderful pantomines, I went to the ...Read full memory

A memory of Calne by grannymj

Ralph Wylie

I remember Mr. Wylie playing Bach on the organ in the late 50's here.

A memory of Calne by etanda

The Smell...!

I still vaguely remember the smell of the slaughterhouse as I held on to my mum's hand as she dragged me through town. The oppressive red stone factory still features in my nightmares...

A memory of Calne by Lisa Lee
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Through the 1662 legacy of John Bentley, a free school was founded on The Green. A new grammar school was built on the site at Wessington in 1957, the first in the county of Wiltshire, with 360 places for boys and girls. It has grounds of about 35 acres, with splendid views of the Downs and the White Horse. It became a comprehensive in 1974, merging with the Fynamore Secondary Modern School. Further developments in the late 1990s, when the school became a single-site, have transformed this view.

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