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Penponds Viaduct 1902, Camborne

Penponds Viaduct 1902, Camborne

Penponds Viaduct 1902, Camborne Ref: 49121

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Growing up in Barripper Road

My parents lived at 23 Barripper Road (David and Mair Hallett) and my sister Mandy and I went to Miss Blights (Elmhurst Preparatory School) in Bassett Road. I remember walking past the farm at the top of the road (now Penware Parc) and being offered a kitten by the farmer. I remember horses ploughing the field opposite Penponds School and the steam roller which used to be parked in the layby between our house and the school. We used to go to school on the Grenville bus which we caught opposite our house outside the Tregenza's house. We played with Nick and Jennifer Tregenza and with their next-door neighbour, a boy called Alan Davey(?). Up the road lived Molly and Ken Brown with Pops, the very elderly father of (I think) Ken. Molly was Irish and used to make date pasties with pastry like a bullet. We used to play in Penponds Woods - going down there on our bikes - and in Camborne Rec. My earliest memory of the... Read more

Burt Rule Dropped This Shaft

Dolcoath Mine, New Shaft 1902, Camborne
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I wish I could upload a photo of young Ivy Rule with her father & grand-dad, at the opening of Dolcoath New Shaft. Wonder if there are any Rules still in the Camborne area.

The Gardener

County Grammar School For Girls c1960, Camborne
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Does any remember the name of the funny little man who did gardening and maintenance. I think it was Ivan but not sure. 1958-1962

Richards Family, Treswithian Downs, Camborne

School of Metalliferous Mining c1955, Camborne
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I am trying to trace some details about the Richards family, in particular Edward Richards, in 1851 he lived at 70 Treswithian Downs and in 1861 he moved to 25 Treswithian Downs, he was a miner. He had a son, William Morley Richards, who is my grandfather, he lived at 25 Treswithian Downs, he was aged 13 at that time. My grandfather had a sister called Elizabeth Ann Richards, Philipa Mary, Susan, Caroline, brother John, Peter and George Richards. If anyone knows anything about the Richards family or has any old maps or photos of Treswithian Downs please post any details to this website!

Looking For my Ugandan Father Circa 1959

School of Metalliferous Mining c1955, Camborne
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I am looking for my birth father but unfortunately have very little information and am hoping that someone who was at the college in 1959, or who have relatives that attended the college, may be able to help.

I was born in April 1960. My mother was trainee nurse at a nearby college and attended student dances where she met my father, a Ugandan mining student at Camborne mining college. Apparently he was a wonderful ballroom dancer! I was the result of their very brief affair and unfortunately as regards my father's identity we only know that he was Ugandan.

I travelled to Uganda in 2003 and was given as much assistance by the Ugandan Ministry of Education and the Ugandan Department of Mining as they were able, but without a name it has proved pretty much impossible to identify him.

If anyone has ANY information, as small or irrelevant as it may seem, please get in touch with me at
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