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Petty Cury 1909, Cambridge

Petty Cury 1909, Cambridge

Petty Cury 1909, Cambridge Ref: 61469t

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Newell''s Hardwick to Cambridge Taxi Service

Vintage Car 1938, Cambridge
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The Cambridge American Cemetry was built after the second war, during this time the odor of rotting bodies being buried at Madingley,caused my father to drive his taxi (photo) on the St Neot's Road or via Madingley Village depending on the wind direction. The sweet smell of death was often present during the construction.
On another occasion my father, Ronald Newell, who owned the Hardwick Service Station on St Neots Road, rescued an American tourist who had slid off the icy St Neots Road on Christmas Eve.The American TWA executive used to send us a card every year after that, as he always thanked my father for coming out in the snow with the tow truck to pull his car out of the ditch beside the road.  

Trevor Hyghes

Addenbrooke's Hospital 1938, Cambridge
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Like Marion DelFavero, I remember Trevor Hughes. He used to sit on the fountain steps in the middle of market square. My brother was in 'the Force' in those days and he used to say when the weather was really bad you could expect Trevor in for the night. Apparently a very clever man who fell on to hard times for the love of a rumour has it. Certainly a favourite character of the times, many photo's taken with him.

Trevor Hughes

1970-1971'ish, there was a homeless man named Trevor Hughes who used to wander the streets around the Guildhall and the market. He always wore a daffodil in his hat and was the local character. The probation officers made sure he got his medications. He used to smash a window every Christmas so he could go to Bedford jail and get Christmas dinner, then the inmates and the guards would have a collection and he would be released. I worked for the Magistrates office at the Guildhall at the time. Does anyone remember Trevor?

Working as A Medical Secretary

Addenbrooke's Hospital 1938, Cambridge
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I worked here at Addenbrooke's Hospital (old site) from 1966 - 1969, before moving on to the new site. Best years of my life living and working in Cambridge during this period. Anyone else here at that time?

Sweet Shop

Petty Cury 1909, Cambridge
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my g.g.g. grandparents the Nixons had a sweet shop at 26 Petty Cury in the 1850s to early 1880s. Anybody ant news or pics?

Marshall's Airport

The Airport 1938, Cambridge
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I lived at 14 The Homing, Meadowlands, Cambridge which was close to the airport. I was 8 years old in 1955. Often on sunny weekends, my Mum would takes us on a walk over to the airport.

It was a quiet relaxed place in those days. There was no kind of airport security, and you could stroll through the gate and sit down on benches to watch the odd Tiger Moth taxi over to the runway and take off. The pilots would fly over and wave.

I remember watching a Venom jet fighter being started up and all the sudden noise compared to the previous peace and quiet. Occasionally we would walk down by the taxi way, and watch the planes taxiing to the runway apron. Again I remember a jet fighter pilot taxiing down there in a Meteor and waving to us kids. It was so exciting.

I also remember a 3 engined biplane flying out of there. I can still remember what it looked like,... Read more

My Sister.

King's Parade 1921, Cambridge
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The lady on the left by the railings of King's College is my older sister then aged 22. We lived in Cambridge until 1922 and I was a pupil at Cambridge High School during the First World War. I am now 93.

Trevor Hughes

I remember Trevor, he often sat by the fountain in the market sqaure. A real character.

Memory of Cross Street, Cambridge

I lived at 24 Cross Street, Cambridge from the age of three till I got married in 1969. My mother was Pat and my father was Bill Turner. I attended Saint Barnabus Infant School, then Saint Paul's, and went on to Chesterton School. In those days, we had a pub on each corner, now only one remains. There was a sweet shop on the corner of Cross Street, and a grocery shop you could get everything you needed. It was a short walk to Mill Road, then there was two buchers, fresh fruit shops (three in all), fresh fish shop, fish and chip shop, post office, two cinemas, two cloths shops, an ice cream shop and a Bakery. I was wondering if anyone had any photos of the area. John Turner.

Tulliver's Cafe, Cambridge

My mother, Sheila Campbell, owned Tulliver's Cafe in partnership with her friend (and my godmother) Jo Parrington in the late 1930's somewhere in Cambridge. Many of the undergraduates were attracted by the two pretty girls - and one of them, Robert William Leighton Lowe who was at Pembroke College, married my mother! Does anyone remember where in Cambridge this cafe was situated? I would love to know as my parents were so happy there.


My name is Peter Brightman. I lived in Cambridge from 1974 till 1978. I worked at P.O. Reeds in Trumpington Street then Croppers hairdressing. If anybody remembers me I am on Facebook. My email is:

Working For City Education

My memories refer to 1960 through to 1963 (I think!).
I was in charge of String Tuition for the Education Department with our HQ in the Guildhall and a storage room for instruments in the bowels of the building.
I remember Ludo Stewart who was Music Adviser and David Bass and Sam Grice (both staff teachers with me) and the SMO, Intermediate Orchestra and Youth Orchestra. Pupils - I regret I can recall only two - Janet Ainslie (viola) and Susan (double Bass). They were both pupils at the Girls' Grammar School on Parkers Piece (my memory for names is rapidly going, I fear). I remember Mr Duckering and Mr Budd, Headteachers at Fawcett Junior, both lovely guys. I remember teaching in the toilets at the Girls' Secondary School for two years before the Head realised my predicament - unbelievable!
While teaching in the city I was living in Newmarket and have fond memories of NOMADS - these I've posted on the 'Newmarket' site.
I'm now living in Worthing, West... Read more

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