Cambridge, Petty Cury 1909

Cambridge, Petty Cury 1909

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Memories of Cambridge

Marshall's Airport

I lived at 14 The Homing, Meadowlands, Cambridge which was close to the airport. I was 8 years old in 1955. Often on sunny weekends, my Mum would takes us on a walk over to the airport. It was a quiet relaxed place in ...Read full memory

My Sister.

The lady on the left by the railings of King's College is my older sister then aged 22. We lived in Cambridge until 1922 and I was a pupil at Cambridge High School during the First World War. I am now 93.

A memory of Cambridge by Claire Allen

Working For City Education

My memories refer to 1960 through to 1963 (I think!). I was in charge of String Tuition for the Education Department with our HQ in the Guildhall and a storage room for instruments in the bowels of the building. I ...Read full memory

A memory of Cambridge by Ray Lowrey

Trevor Hyghes

Like Marion DelFavero, I remember Trevor Hughes. He used to sit on the fountain steps in the middle of market square. My brother was in 'the Force' in those days and he used to say when the weather was really bad you could ...Read full memory

A memory of Cambridge

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