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Camp Hill

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Isle of Wight memories

Life in Newport

I lived in Newport with my Mom Gladys, Father Jock and sisters Tina, Trisha and Jacky. We lived in Prospect Road for many years. My fondest memories are of meeting the gang in The Town Square outside "Mary Lambs" wearing our "Teddy Suits" and showing off to the girls and people staring at us from the buses waiting for passengers. We thought we were just the "bees knees". Some of the guys names I remember (I am now 70 so age does effect the memory a bit) are Duke Carden, Tony Woolcock, Nicky Price (I think from Prices Taxis) George Hall (joined the Guards Regiment for awhile).
We used to go most Saturdays to The Winter Gardens Ventnor by coach from Newport but depending "how lucky we were" the return trip might be on another coach entirely. Well I remember trying to convince the driver going to lets say Ryde I had lost my ticket and prompting my new found girl friend to support my story.
Toms Cafe at the... Read more

My Granddad, Police Constable Jack Eames

Well, the story goes that there was a robbery from a jewellery shop in the town during the day, and in those days there were no mobile phones or walky talkies, only landline phones. My granddad was sent round to investgate, and on arrival was given a description of the man and was told that he was not a face seen regularly around the town, and had been seen runing in a specific direction. Now we are talking 1930/40, cars were few and far between so the only way to make a hasty escape was on public transport. So he checked his watch and realised that a train was due to arrive to go to Ride. He went to the station on a hunch, walked along the platform knowing most if not all the prospective travellers, apart from one chap looking a bit nervious with a case. He asked a few questions and enquired what the man had inside his case, and there it was; all the loot from the Jewellers.... Read more

Question About 1930s Isle of Wight School

My nanny passed away two days ago and she went to Parkhurst School. I was wondering if there was anyone who knew the name of the prayer that school kids memorised at Parkhurst School and would recite in class. It would mean a lot to my family if we were able to recite this at her funeral, none of us can remember any of the words of the prayer. If anyone can assist in this please email me

Fletchers Pond

Newport School c1955, Carisbrooke
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I first used to cycle to this school - which was split between Newport Priory Boys' Secondary Modern School and Carisbrooke Grammar School - in 1961. The long, low building to the left of the picture was the Priory Boys' School, the taller building to the right was the Grammar.
Every day I cycled from my home in Clatterford Road, round the back of St Mary's Church, past Fletcher's Pond, and then down the track you can see in the photo to the school. The track crossed the old railway line from Newport to Freshwater just about where the first hedge line is, and Carisbrooke Station was to the right, out of shot. I only remember it as rubble, because the line was closed before I went to the school, and I think there was a fire at the station, but I may be wrong. Anyway, there was nothing much left.
I remember the school was set on several levels with a gymnasium at one end, and the canteen at... Read more

Our Cottage in Carisbrooke

Main Street c1955, Carisbrooke
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Lived there for just one year.  Linda Crossley

This is Now my House!

Post Office 1913, Carisbrooke
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Me and my Mrs bought the ground floor to this building shown here 3 years ago.

Fletcher Pond

Newport School c1955, Carisbrooke
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Priory pond, also known as Fletcher pond, was so called because the lane that ran up to the school was Fletcher Lane.

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