Canvey Island, The Beach House Restaurant c.1955

Canvey Island, The Beach House Restaurant c.1955

Neg. C237122


Caption for Canvey Island, The Beach House Restaurant C1955

Canvey Island was a popular holiday resort in the 1950s. Well- ordered rows of caravans are ready to welcome summer visitors. A complex of administrative buildings can also be seen. This photograph clearly illustrates the flatness of much of the reclaimed land that forms the island and which the sea attempted to reclaim in the devastating floods of 1953.

Book of Southend Photographic Memories

An extract from the book Southend Photographic Memories.

Memories of Canvey Island

Thorney Bay Beach Camp.

It must have been in the 60`s. We stayed in a caravan and loved it all. Flying a kite or playing football then walking along the sea wall and having a swim. We always walked to the funfair in the evenings where I absolutely loved the helter skelter with that huge bowl at the bottom. Just wonderful fun. We also ...Read full memory

Im Only 15 And I Havent Seen Canvey In Black And White Before

I have never seen Canvey Island when it got hit by the flood in 1959. I know what it did to Canvey but I was looking at the black and white pictures that my grandad showed me and it was different to what it looks like now and I'm only 15 - what a change.

Thorney Bay Beach Camp

My family and I stayed in a caravan at Thorney bay beach camp, oh my god what fun. There was nothing there so you made your own fun. Walking along the sea wall to the funfair every night, and eating saveloy and chips along the sea wall returning to to Thorney bay. I remember my last holiday there when I was 16 and ...Read full memory

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