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I Lived in Capel 40 Years

I loved every day there with my mother and father, I went to the school at 5 years till 11 years old.

Lyne House

My husband, daughter & I moved to Capel in 1991 to live in an apartment on the top floors of Lyne House. Lyne was the country house of the Broadwood family who were very famous piano makers. The mansion is a fascinating place to live with an abundance of history. Built in around 1799 it was totally changed from it's Georgian style to Victorian red brick with an extra storey. The communal hall has portraits of the Broadwood ancesters and a grand piano. The Broadwood Morris Men visit Lyne House every May Day and dance on the lawn or even in the hall depending on the weather! They took their Broadwood name because of Lucy Broadwood who was a collector of folk songs and folklore.
We intended staying here for a couple of years when we moved in but 20 years later we are still here although the time has come to move on. We have many wonderful memories of parties,barbecues,weddings and other celebrations with some great neighbours. Capel is... Read more

Capel Cricket

Living in capel before moving to NZ

Surrey memories

Wartime Funeral

The Church c1955, Ockley
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My mother died in 1943,when I was still a child. It was strange, terrible time but I remember vividly standing in the peaceful churchyard at the burial. The place is dear to my heart.

Ted Turner Was Landlord Here

The White Hart 1924, Beare Green
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Ted Turner was landlord here, and his father before him, then Ted went to the Holly & Laurel at Holmwood where my family lived, they had a cottage behind the pub, I think the cottage is still there, there were about 8 cottages there. My dad was good mates with John Barrett who had the Duke's Head in Beare Green as with Ted Turner, John's dad had the Fuke's Head before him, My father was in the army same time as John, my farther had to come home on leave the same time as John, both their fathers were taken ill at the same time. That's when John took over the Duke's Head.

Doodlebug Exploding in Village, WW2

I was just 3 yrs. old staying in my aunt and uncle's bungalow in Newdigate, (they were working in a local munitions factory). My mother and baby sister were there from Sth. London with me. It was a lovely sunny day, I was in the garden playing when the Doodlebug engines cut out and it came down in the field next to the bungalow. The lady(Emily) in the next bungalow gathered me up from the garden and took me into her home and we hid beneath the table, whilst all the soil thrown up from the exploding bomb settled. My mother and sister were trapped beneath a large porcelain sink they had hidden beneath as the roof was blown off the Wood's bungalow by the explosion. My legs were cut by flying glass otherwise I was excited by the event, but mother refused to settle and insisted my father collected us and so we spent the war years, particularly the Battle of Britain period, in the safety of our cellar... Read more

Henfold Lane & Newdigate

I was four when my parents, Geoff and Pyll Kleboe, bought Keepers Cottage, Henfold Lane, Newdigate. A Mrs Thompson and her husband "Blackberry Jack" had lived there for many years and the property was very run down. With the talent of my maternal grandfather William Jones, over a period of 25 years "Keepers" was totally renovated. Believed to date back to the 1500s, it was originally an old coaching inn. It was lovingly restored to its former glory with wonderful ships' timbers, an enormous inglenook and a hand-made oak staircase, the oak it was made from came from a timber yard at Horsham. I remember being taken to see the tree trunk that my grandfather had shipped to his work shop in Bookham where it was stored before he started making the staircase. I attended Newdigate village school opposite Dean farm when a Mr Tuler was the headmaster. We used to walk to school from home, a trip of 2 miles each way, we didn't have buses or a car! On... Read more

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