Cardiff, Maindy Stadium c.1960

Cardiff, Maindy Stadium c.1960

Neg. C23164

Memories of Cardiff

Working Life

I like this photograph because it reminds me of when I used to travel in to Cardiff by train from Barry where I lived. I worked in the National Provincial Bank in St.Mary Street. I had some lovely friends and times

A memory of Cardiff by Wendy John

My Great Grandfather James

My Great Grandfather James Miles died in the Infirmary, aged 40. He was a Labourer in the Cardiff Ironworks. I never knew any of my family, but when I read of where they lived, and worked and died, I feel so proud of them.

A memory of Cardiff by Lita Brooker

Posh Building, Poor Times

My mother was from Newtown in Cardiff, near the docks. It was a community of very poor Irish immigrants. My great grandmother had a job cleaning the City Hall. She would walk through Cardiff in the early morning and do ...Read full memory

A memory of Cardiff by Marian Foot


My Grandparents William Garside and Evelyn Bowden were married on 29th February 1896 in Cardiff and Grandad lived in Roath prior to his marriage. I imagine they may have also stood in this spot when courting, looking quite similar.

A memory of Cardiff
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There are no 'chariots of fire' here now. When the picture was taken, Maindy was the premier athletics track in Cardiff, and used by clubs and schools from all over the Vale of Glamorgan. The all-indoor Millennium Stadium, described as 'the finest in Europe', has made Maindy redundant.

This is an excerpt from Cardiff Photographic Memories, by John Milnes

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